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You have no idea how many people lurk on your work. No idea how many times people go back to revisit your work. How big they smile when they simply think about your work. How fast their heart beats, how excited they get when they see that you posted something.

People are shy with their feedback. Sometimes it’s because they’re simply shy. Other times it’s because they assume you already know how great and talented you are. Could be both.

My point is, even if you barely have any likes or reblogs, don’t get discouraged. You have a lot of silent fans, but they are still your fans. Keep on creating. Because there is always someone out there who will love what you have made.

I keep most of the art from this blog on a Deviant Art page, which is here:

If you’re looking for the adult art I put most of it up on my Pillowfort account which is here:

I’ve also been banking the saucier stuff on Twitter. Which is here:

The dA account is kept up to date.

PF I’m super new to so it has most of the stuff from my other blog but I haven’t really…started interacting with people there yet.

Twitter I’m brand new and clueless. It’s mostly the adult stuff from my other blog with a couple pieces from this one occasionally.

+ high-res version


Hello! This is interest check round two for the upcoming EraserMight ship zine! The zine will be for-profit and feature art, comics, fics, and potentially poetry as well. Contributor apps will open February 14th!

If this interests you (as a contributor or buyer), please fill out this interest survey to help me finalize my plans for this zine.

Reblogs appreciated, thank you!!

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I’m 29 today

…and the guide to x-ceptional baking is out and available as a PDF!

There’s some excellent art and recipes in it so if you missed the Kickstarter hit this up ~

Many happy returns, youngster!

And yes, “The Guide to XCeptional Baking” is great fun! (and some some lovely art!)

Happy Birthday, LW! Also- I’m in this zine and it’s full of cool people!