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I think that there’s some kind of mindset in a lot of creative communities (authors, artists, musicians) that your work needs to be groundbreaking and thought-provoking for it to matter. That in order for it to be considered worthy of its medium, it must have a greater purpose. 

And if you ask me, its bullshit. 

God, it puts so much stress on a creator to have to be important to someone else. I have seen so many people give up because their work isn’t making a statement, that it’s ‘fluff but no substance.’ As though there’s only room for so many people in a community of creators that only people with a point can get in. 

If it made someone laugh, it’s important. 

If it made someone smile, it’s important. 

If someone looks back on it fondly, even for a moment, it’s important. 

If you enjoyed making it, even if you never shared it, it’s important. 

Sing songs about your cat, draw pictures of lizards eating popsicles, and write a series of novels about time-traveling alpaca. 

The world is already full of super-important stuff. Write fluff. 

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Hello! I’m opening emergency commissions during this end of month to meet some october demands (that will be rough due to national holiday schedule). Except for the offers and prices that are limited to the image above, the rest of my commission info remains the same.

  • No intrincate art for now (such as detailed backgrounds or mecha).
  • NSFW will be charged with extra $10 and published in a different blog.
  • I’m available at IM for any questions before sending your mail!
  • A post with progress on your commissions will be published. It will include your username, a percentage and its current stage. I recommend you to activate notifications from your mobile app, so you don’t skip the updates.
  • SLOTS: 10.

Signal boosts and personal recommendations are encouraged. Thank you so much in advance!


Extra special thanks to @shoujocowboy for brainstorming this with me. They’re 100% responsible for Snipe and Thirteen’s lines!



Guest Comic: Cookie Crisis! by @malacandrax!

This guest comic was created by the incredible Malacandrax (aka Lyndsay McSeveney)!

Mal is the writer and artist of CHARITY CASE, a beautiful comic about Julien, a sheltered young musician who – finding himself without financial support – has to try and navigate a life he’s woefully unprepared for. Its about found families, polyamorous romance, and music! You can read it here:

Become a $3 patron on Mal’s Patreon to see process images for this guest comic! You can also follow Mal on their Twitter and Tumblr.


About Heartstopper:

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I had the chance to make a guest comic for the wonderful Heartstopper comic! It has one of the most realistic portrayals of teen romance I’ve ever read, and never fails to make me smile (and cry-), check it out!!!