Guest Comic: Cookie Crisis! by @malacandrax!

This guest comic was created by the incredible Malacandrax (aka Lyndsay McSeveney)!

Mal is the writer and artist of CHARITY CASE, a beautiful comic about Julien, a sheltered young musician who – finding himself without financial support – has to try and navigate a life he’s woefully unprepared for. Its about found families, polyamorous romance, and music! You can read it here:

Become a $3 patron on Mal’s Patreon to see process images for this guest comic! You can also follow Mal on their Twitter and Tumblr.


About Heartstopper:

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I had the chance to make a guest comic for the wonderful Heartstopper comic! It has one of the most realistic portrayals of teen romance I’ve ever read, and never fails to make me smile (and cry-), check it out!!!



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