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Concept: an immortal who doesn’t shy away from photos or paintings. Draws self portraits on cave walls. Photobombs everything with a pout and a suave pose. Commissions numerous portraits of themself as a literary Romantic before faking their death. Tries to be at least slightly famous every time they have a new identity. Creates a conspiracy blog linking all their past photos together before mysteriously disappearing in mysterious circumstances. Mysteriously. Usually only disappears for 10 to 20 years after “"dying”“ before making another appearance. Everyone else in the immortal community lowkey hates them. “Ah, fuck. You’ll never guess who’s resurfaced again.” “Fucking… Dave?” “Fucking Dave.

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Somewhere, in a kinder world, Furiosa is a counselor at Camp Green Place and her scouts for the summer are Toast, Splendid, Cheedo, Capable, and The Dag. They learn about gardening and build a go kart which the use to win in the big race against the boys camp across the lake. They pick up a new troop member one day while on a hike in the woods when they come across a dog who has cruelly been abandoned and muzzled. They clean him up, remove the muzzle and name him Max. It’s the best summer ever.


My entry for 13crown’s Ghostbook!

This was an amazing project, and I got to do something really different. I hope you enjoy it :))