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i might be too much into mad max if im sitting here drawing out a cereal commercial but whatever



My breakfast today: choking on tears of laughter. Thanks for the tag nerdfaceangst



MMFR novelty T-shirts, part 2! (Part 1)

Had SO MUCH FUN with this (even though I spent 1000 years on every wife and 10 minutes on everybody else.) Got some help and suggestions: sickmonkey1027 suggested Foxy Grandpa for Ace and gatsbygal suggested Joe in a Female Body Inspector shirt (which might be the sleaziest thing I’ve ever drawn, I feel the need to wash my tablet with soap) Also I think someone mentioned a “if lost, return to Slit” in the old post so I totally stole that idea for Cheedo.

Personal favorites are the two last one. For Max I couldn’t find ANYTHING and for Furiosa I found TOO MUCH (seriously, do you know how many horrendous trucker/asskicking novelty shirts there are out there? It’s kinda overwhelming) Then I googled “dog novelty t-shirt” AND GUESS WHAT POPPED UP ON THE FIRST PAGE. Same with Haul It Like You Stole It, when I laid my eyes on that beauty I just knew it was the one.

+ high-res version


Somewhere, in a kinder world, Furiosa is a counselor at Camp Green Place and her scouts for the summer are Toast, Splendid, Cheedo, Capable, and The Dag. They learn about gardening and build a go kart which the use to win in the big race against the boys camp across the lake. They pick up a new troop member one day while on a hike in the woods when they come across a dog who has cruelly been abandoned and muzzled. They clean him up, remove the muzzle and name him Max. It’s the best summer ever.