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You have no idea how many people lurk on your work. No idea how many times people go back to revisit your work. How big they smile when they simply think about your work. How fast their heart beats, how excited they get when they see that you posted something.

People are shy with their feedback. Sometimes it’s because they’re simply shy. Other times it’s because they assume you already know how great and talented you are. Could be both.

My point is, even if you barely have any likes or reblogs, don’t get discouraged. You have a lot of silent fans, but they are still your fans. Keep on creating. Because there is always someone out there who will love what you have made.

Hey all! If you happen to notice one of my sfw posts here getting flagged, would you mind pinging me? I’m trying to keep an eye on things but Tumblr isn’t really telling people? So I’m just stumbling on things randomly as their evil robot decides my snowman drawings and shirtless Aizawas are, like, a danger to society. Or something.