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I think that there’s some kind of mindset in a lot of creative communities (authors, artists, musicians) that your work needs to be groundbreaking and thought-provoking for it to matter. That in order for it to be considered worthy of its medium, it must have a greater purpose. 

And if you ask me, its bullshit. 

God, it puts so much stress on a creator to have to be important to someone else. I have seen so many people give up because their work isn’t making a statement, that it’s ‘fluff but no substance.’ As though there’s only room for so many people in a community of creators that only people with a point can get in. 

If it made someone laugh, it’s important. 

If it made someone smile, it’s important. 

If someone looks back on it fondly, even for a moment, it’s important. 

If you enjoyed making it, even if you never shared it, it’s important. 

Sing songs about your cat, draw pictures of lizards eating popsicles, and write a series of novels about time-traveling alpaca. 

The world is already full of super-important stuff. Write fluff. 


1. Person A has a huge crush on Person B, so they make heart-shaped sandwiches for them.

2. Person A keeps trying to give Person B a pretty flower, but Person B doesn’t understand why.

3. Person A tries to ask out Person B dramatically, the way they see in movies. (Of course, they kinda butcher it, but it’s still adorable.)

4. Person A gives Person B a ring-pop, and when B takes it, A declares that they’re married now.

5. Person A kisses Person B on the cheek. Person B starts squealing about cooties.

6. Person A forgot to bring cookies, so Person B shares.

7. Person A and Person B play tag, giggling together as if the world doesn’t exist.

8. Person A and Person B play house, pretending to be married, with the dolls as their children.

9. Person A asks Person B to “go out with” them, which they think means “share your candy with me and hold my hand sometimes when it’s cold”.

10. Person A is hiding for hide-and-seek, and Person B wants to hide with them.