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Pros of being a Fandom Old:
– never have to worry about my mom finding out about my porn fic
– have seen it all before and give few if any fucks

Cons of being a Fandom Old:
– forced to work at actual job instead of writing fic all day
– have seen it all before and get regular “ugh not again” moments


Reminders for the Anxious/Depressed Creatives

  • You’re more than what you make.
  • Your productivity does not determine your value.
  • It’s okay to do nothing sometimes.
  • Not everything you do has to result in a product.
  • Not everything you make has to be important, significant, or even good.
  • You can make things just for yourself.
  • You can keep secrets for yourself, whether it’s not posting some of your projects or not sharing your techniques.
  • You’re allowed to say no.
  • You’re allowed to rest.