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1. Person A has a huge crush on Person B, so they make heart-shaped sandwiches for them.

2. Person A keeps trying to give Person B a pretty flower, but Person B doesn’t understand why.

3. Person A tries to ask out Person B dramatically, the way they see in movies. (Of course, they kinda butcher it, but it’s still adorable.)

4. Person A gives Person B a ring-pop, and when B takes it, A declares that they’re married now.

5. Person A kisses Person B on the cheek. Person B starts squealing about cooties.

6. Person A forgot to bring cookies, so Person B shares.

7. Person A and Person B play tag, giggling together as if the world doesn’t exist.

8. Person A and Person B play house, pretending to be married, with the dolls as their children.

9. Person A asks Person B to “go out with” them, which they think means “share your candy with me and hold my hand sometimes when it’s cold”.

10. Person A is hiding for hide-and-seek, and Person B wants to hide with them.



Kudos to fanfiction writers for writing about all the trauma and emotional and mental turmoil that the original content creators dont acknowledge when putting characters through hell

This has evolved to one of fanfiction’s major assets in my eyes. To every author that cares enough about the characters in their stories to examine trauma, but also the slow, tedious processes of healing and recovery: your stories mean so much to me and other persons with mental health problems. Thank you, thank you, thank you.




It’s okay to take a break.
– We all need time to recharge, and your fans will still be there when you get back!

It’s okay to go from fandom to fandom.
– Nobody is going to criticize you for following your muse, and if they do, then you know who not to associate with in the future!

It’s okay to have a niche.
– If smut is where it’s at, then write smut. If you’re all about the fluff, then schmoop away. If angst is what does it for you, then invest in tissues. Nobody has the right to tell you that you should be doing something else if that isn’t what interests you!

It’s okay to be critical of your own work.
– Just don’t allow yourself to become so self-deprecating that you freeze!

It’s okay to ask for help.
– If you’re unsure of a trope, concept, fact or universe, reach out to your circle of friends. Chances are, they’ll be more than happy to help you because they want to see you succeed!

It’s okay to ignore criticism.
– Constructive criticism is only constructive if it helps you. If someone says something that doesn’t assist or improve you in any way, then please feel free to ignore whatever nugget they are imparting, because chances are good they don’t have the best of intentions for you!

It’s okay to stop writing all together.
– Your fans will miss you (and chances are good you have way more than you realize,) but sometimes, you just gotta do you!

It’s okay to write with whatever method works for you.
– Long writing marathons where you bang out 12,000 words in one day? Great! Linear, dry style that means you occassionally get stuck because you can’t figure out this scene, but it’s all worth it in the end? Rad! Piecemeal work that you thread together at the end? Fabulous! As long as it works for you, there is no wrong way to write!

It’s okay to have fun.
– I think this goes without saying, no? But it seems that sometimes, authors need permission. So consider this permission to wile the hell out, and enjoy the ride!

I think there’s a few of us needing this right now, myself included.



Long story short, the job I thought I was about to get – and paid for clothes to match the store’s dress code requirements – fell through, leaving me somewhat strapped for cash, and we’re closing in on Mocha’s yearly shots, not to mention my phone bill.

While I continue my hunt for employment, I’m opening up fic commissions!

(as an aside to those of you currently waiting on commissions, they’re almost done!)

I’ve got 4 slots open, and I’ll write for

  • IDW Transformers
  • Transformers Generation 1
  • Transformers Prime
  • Transformers Animated
  • Beast Wars
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • The MCU
  • Marvel Comics
  • DC Comics
  • DCAU
  • Teen Titans
  • Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood
  • Original Fiction (which will cost you an extra 5 dollars on top of the regular fee)
  • Diablo I-III
  • original World of Darkness
  • Trollhunters

And many, many more!  I have a wide range of interests and knowledge that I can write for, and I am ALWAYS open to trying something new!

Want to know more?  Check out my Ao3 Archive!

The Cost:

I work in 500 word increments, starting at a 500 word fic for $5, going up to 2,000 words for $20, with an additional charge of $5 for NSFW.

Contact me here on Tumblr or talesfromdorkside @

Don’t want to commission me, but maybe have a couple bucks kicking around?  Buy me a Coffee, or hit up my PayPal!



no but really, like 

i know that some folks love telling creative people that “you should be doing it for fun because you love it not for the compliments” but creative people thrive on feedback whether it’s critical or just complimentary

so when i write fanfiction and don’t get any actual feedback i feel like i spent all that time and energy doing it for nothing because i’m not getting feedback from the people i wrote it for 

doing something you’re proud of and then presenting it to the sound of utter silence is like the worst feeling on earth 

Fucking AMEN. Me with my art. 


I call upon the fan fic writing gods to bless you with the perseverance to finish one of your unfinished drafts. 

May your fingers dance along the letters upon your device with ease, may the devil of distraction stay far from you, and may your work not need much editing.

I pass this blessing upon every fan fic writer out there.