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2 possibilities:

  1. iida tenya walked into ua on his first day and aizawa and mic promptly lost their minds bc they knew him when he was a little baby and now he looks like a bodybuilding accountant
  2. iida tenya walked into ua on his first day and aizawa and mic did not react because hes always looked like that even when he was a baby. he came out of the womb politely requesting Protein 



OTP A: This pair is perfect together and its sight fills me with peace and joy. I could write essays on how wonderfully those characters complete each other and balance each other out. This ship is True Beauty.

OTP B: Look I…I don’t even know why I like those two together. But I crave it – it caters to some visceral need I can’t name. I can’t get enough of those characters interacting. Their chemistry sets me ablaze.

OTP C: lmao those two are trash and they belong in the same rubbish bin

That feel when your OTP is all three.


New York, a chill April night in1992 – the years when a number of overpowered, overhormonal young adults made their lives in the shell of Murderworld.

Location: East Village, in the thronging mass outside of CBGBs.

Rictor rocked on his feet as inside, Henry Rollins shouted, bass thudding against the walls.

He glanced up at the big redhead beside him, ‘Star’s long hair pulled in a ponytail, silver eyes darting around at the crowd.

“Ok, this isn’t like the dance club.” He soothed,  pushing open the door. “Nobody’s gonna grind up on you, amigo.” Ric added in the sort of voice that implied he’d do his damndest to get there first.

The floor was a sea of moshing punks, the air was thick with the scent of booze and sweat and he took a deep breath. “You can do this, ‘Star. I’m right..”

But Shatterstar was gone. His first instinct was that the big man had bolted for the relative freedom of the street. But then he saw the flash of scarlet as ‘Star dove into the crowd. At first, he was relieved. So, SO relieved. 

The mojoworlder was grinning. “RICTOR, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE FUN!” He shouted over the noise.

And then the first person went flying. And then another.


Rictor covered his face with a groan. Another place he could probably never go to again.



i’m not hip to most of the current x-books drama, but i’m busting a gut to the idea of 616 logan coming back, and someone (probably kitty) has to explain the last 3.25 years to him:

kitty: okay so, with your family, laura and daken are getting along now and we’re pretty sure daken’s mostly stopped being terrible?

logan: …

kitty: and laura has a clone now, so congratulations on being a dad again, her name is gabby –

logan: …

kitty: and i think deadpool helped come up with her superhero name? no, wait, daken did – and it’s honey badger. either way, gabby and deadpool are friends.

logan: …

kitty: oh, and daken’s like, bobby’s queer nemesis now? there’s a fair amount of sexual tension.

logan: …?

kitty: oh, right, you missed that too: bobby’s gay and came out while you were gone.

logan: …i need a beer.

I thought that last one was going to be

“At last, something I can believe!”