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You have no idea how many people lurk on your work. No idea how many times people go back to revisit your work. How big they smile when they simply think about your work. How fast their heart beats, how excited they get when they see that you posted something.

People are shy with their feedback. Sometimes it’s because they’re simply shy. Other times it’s because they assume you already know how great and talented you are. Could be both.

My point is, even if you barely have any likes or reblogs, don’t get discouraged. You have a lot of silent fans, but they are still your fans. Keep on creating. Because there is always someone out there who will love what you have made.


If you’re someone who wants to make original stuff for people to see, DO IT!!! 

Your worth as an artist is not determined by the number of Tumblr notes you get. Followers are NOT a currency. Don’t worry about instant gratification, because you’re creating something only you can own for the rest of your life! It will take you longer to build up an audience around something that doesn’t have a pre-loaded fanbase. In fact it’ll probably take longer than you think, but you’ll have a much more satisfying artistic career.

Based on this comic, and further inspired by this comic.


When you see an artist, more popular than you are, whining a lot about their lack of feedback, meanwhile you have just calmed down and found your peace about it.
This morning I came across such gloom and started small depression myself, but then I got angry and decided to turn all negative emotions into creation and let off steam with this comic. Now I feel okay again c:
Let’s be kinder to ourselfs, dear artists, let’s love ourselfs and don’t call our art “shit” because we create picture from emptiness!! Have you ever thought how cool this actually is? Let’s enjoy the process of creation because THIS is the most important thing. Even if you don’t have as much followers as you wish, or don’t recieve as many likes/notes/reblogs it still worth to carry on. There always will be someone more or less popular than you, but this doesn’t make you and your art less important. Maybe you are someone’s favourite and most precious artist.




I win.

I got introspective one day and sketched out a 6 panel comic. It sat in a folder for a few days before I expanded it to 10. Then it sat for a week. After which, I moved on. The expiration date had passed, and the comic joined the rest of the half-drawn files in the very same folder. 

I still don’t like it anymore, but I’ll take the victories where I can.


There are a thousand more arts in the unfinished folders than what you see posted/published. We are not being lazy… even though we think we are.







My “draw the squad” memes so far

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I haven’t seen this post in a while and WHAT THE FUCK

I also wanna do these ones. Squad poses. Send me requests with which one you want and with who.

Oh god I wanna do the Nine boys with these



Look, that thing you want to do? Stop being a weenie and just do it. 

Bottom images are from here.

Hey, kids – I see this post making the rounds again, and I’d like to add some additional thoughts that I’ve gained in the 5+ years since originally making this post:

When I originally made this dumb comic in 2013, I was a Graphic Designer for a Radio Station in Ohio. As of this writing in 2018, I am a Storyboard Artist at Warner Bros. Animation. I am now one of “””the professionals””” referenced in the third image. And let me tell you:

…I am still making things up as I go. 

…I still don’t have character turnarounds.

… I have… some worldbuilding done. Not all of it, though. That’s going to be a permanent work in progress. 

…Making the comic is the character study/studies.

…I am still convinced I’m not working hard enough.

…You will never, no matter what you do or how far you go, ever feel like you’re completely ready to do something until you actually do it. 

Trust me. I’m a professional. 



do you ever feel victimized by fanfic authors when you make them fanart and then they give YOU compliments and you try to give THEM compliments and its a vicious cycle??? ♥♥
ft. @nicolareed

I’ve never related to a comic so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@bethhankel I’ve been trapped in this endless cycle with you for weeks and I never want out, hahaha. 

@rootistabootus  and @lisaveeee THIS IS YOUR FAULT TOO, YOU TALENTED JERKS ❤️❤️


I think that there’s some kind of mindset in a lot of creative communities (authors, artists, musicians) that your work needs to be groundbreaking and thought-provoking for it to matter. That in order for it to be considered worthy of its medium, it must have a greater purpose. 

And if you ask me, its bullshit. 

God, it puts so much stress on a creator to have to be important to someone else. I have seen so many people give up because their work isn’t making a statement, that it’s ‘fluff but no substance.’ As though there’s only room for so many people in a community of creators that only people with a point can get in. 

If it made someone laugh, it’s important. 

If it made someone smile, it’s important. 

If someone looks back on it fondly, even for a moment, it’s important. 

If you enjoyed making it, even if you never shared it, it’s important. 

Sing songs about your cat, draw pictures of lizards eating popsicles, and write a series of novels about time-traveling alpaca. 

The world is already full of super-important stuff. Write fluff.