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i’m not hip to most of the current x-books drama, but i’m busting a gut to the idea of 616 logan coming back, and someone (probably kitty) has to explain the last 3.25 years to him:

kitty: okay so, with your family, laura and daken are getting along now and we’re pretty sure daken’s mostly stopped being terrible?

logan: …

kitty: and laura has a clone now, so congratulations on being a dad again, her name is gabby –

logan: …

kitty: and i think deadpool helped come up with her superhero name? no, wait, daken did – and it’s honey badger. either way, gabby and deadpool are friends.

logan: …

kitty: oh, and daken’s like, bobby’s queer nemesis now? there’s a fair amount of sexual tension.

logan: …?

kitty: oh, right, you missed that too: bobby’s gay and came out while you were gone.

logan: …i need a beer.

I thought that last one was going to be

“At last, something I can believe!”


hey shugah

commissioned drawings in ink, 2017


wanted to dedicat this to my dearly departed Saturday mornings.  Find me this at san diego comic con artist alley HH20





– vampires vs xmen
– god damn it where is [insert xmen]
– youre a better leader. no youre a better leader. no youre a better leader. no youre a b
– someone dies
– someone comes back to life
– magneto is in the yard and wont leave

– Time for the annual kidnapping (either Mags and Charlie or Sabretooth and Logan, occasionally others)
– House blowing up builds character
– Put that thing back where it came from or so help me

-i came back from the future because you need to stop

-your best friend turns out to be mystique

-hey look some new x kids, time to ignore the ones we already had for the rest of *checks watch* forever

-the x men are DISBANDED!!!!!

-alternate universe babies

-your best friend turns out to be a clone/xorn/psychic projection

“Being mind controlled put me in touch with my kinky/decadent/dark side and I ENJOYED it.”

Fifteen will get you twenty, and yet….

EVERYONE wants to marry Storm…

“The focussed totality of my powers…”

“No quarter asked, no quarter given”