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I always felt strongly about the way Rictor describes losing his powers at the beginning of X-Factor Investigation. I see his mutation as a form of sensory extension that he’s been training to come to terms with for years – then having it ripped out of his being, resulting in numbness. That being said, I would have imagined that regaining them would have been much more emotional for him. Like finally being able to take a breath, like coming back home.

I originally drew this comic years ago, but this last week I went into a mad Ricstar-mode, and this was something that had been bugging me to redraw it. So I did. Qualitywise think of it as a 24Hcomic kind of deal.

(TW: The comic includes reference to suicide, some non-ideal reactions to it, and vomiting, but nothing graphic.)

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I know I said this to you already but it’s so beautiful.

Aw. My grumpy Brit is all grown up.

Also happy these two nerds finally hooked up. Though I might feel a little badly for Quire who seems to carry a torch for Ben too.

It’s really a shame they didn’t give this book a chance. Typical Marvel BS. Give us everything we want and then take it away again. SIGH.




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Ooh, these are wonderful!

That Karma pic is so fab!








Ends at issue 87. I just turned in the last script pages this morning.

I just want you guys to know that you’ve all been lovely. It’s been a crazy ride writing this book and all you adorable nerds on Tumblr have made it that much more fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, if you have questions, fire away. Maybe I’ll answer a few. Because now that the book is coming to an end, why not?

So very sorry to hear that. I got quite invested in the book, and I’d like to say thank you for all the work you and the team put into it.

As for questions: Were there any plans to expand upon Roxy and Cessily’s relationship?

Had the book been the 16 issues we set out to do, yes. But only in the sense that Cessily would’ve been around more. Because my goal with Roxy from the beginning was to give her a story that wasn’t solely about her sexuality, because I felt like that was the ONLY story people had been telling with her for a while now.

But yeah. I would’ve loved to have some more Cessily/girlfriends moments in there if we’d had the time. I really would’ve enjoyed doing a small Nathaniel, Roxy, Cessily B story.

I would have loved to read that.

what is Marvel looking for in it’s X-men students books?  It keeps starting them and then cancelling them

Because I don’t feel like retyping it.

This is SUCH a bummer. Now it’s probably going to be a gazillion years before we see anyone other than Jubilee or Q again in a half decent role.