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I’m 29 today

…and the guide to x-ceptional baking is out and available as a PDF!

There’s some excellent art and recipes in it so if you missed the Kickstarter hit this up ~

Many happy returns, youngster!

And yes, “The Guide to XCeptional Baking” is great fun! (and some some lovely art!)

Happy Birthday, LW! Also- I’m in this zine and it’s full of cool people!

+ high-res version


I always felt strongly about the way Rictor describes losing his powers at the beginning of X-Factor Investigation. I see his mutation as a form of sensory extension that he’s been training to come to terms with for years – then having it ripped out of his being, resulting in numbness. That being said, I would have imagined that regaining them would have been much more emotional for him. Like finally being able to take a breath, like coming back home.

I originally drew this comic years ago, but this last week I went into a mad Ricstar-mode, and this was something that had been bugging me to redraw it. So I did. Qualitywise think of it as a 24Hcomic kind of deal.

(TW: The comic includes reference to suicide, some non-ideal reactions to it, and vomiting, but nothing graphic.)

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I know I said this to you already but it’s so beautiful.

Aw. My grumpy Brit is all grown up.

Also happy these two nerds finally hooked up. Though I might feel a little badly for Quire who seems to carry a torch for Ben too.

It’s really a shame they didn’t give this book a chance. Typical Marvel BS. Give us everything we want and then take it away again. SIGH.




New Mutants prints are up in the shop!

$7 each or 3 for $15!

Ooh, these are wonderful!

That Karma pic is so fab!