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lately whenever i have time to kill ive been drawing lil xkids on my phone haha….i might edit this post with even more sometime later





First I was gonna give him boxers but then I thought, if I was covered head-to-toe in fur, I’d probably sleep naked.

#my art#sketches#kurt wagner#nightcrawler#I mean he must get hot#and showers would be annoying#clogged drains like every day#he’s cornered the market on liquid plumber#actually the x-men just hose him and Hank down#because they’re sick of paying for house calls#just use dry shampoo and call it a day

I feel like these tags need to be preserved.

Kurt and Hank probably have some of those Furminator things I keep seeing.

omg blithe omg

Aaaaand now I have a head canon that Kurt is into being brushed. Hah hah.

I’d forgotten about this drawing. I swear 50% of my blog is either Jono or Kurt.