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Because I’m pretty bad off financially I’m opening commissions~


Email me on 
with what type of commission you want, the more detailed your explanation, the better (what the characters are wearing, what they’re doing, expressions, accessories etc)

After I accept your inquiry I’ll send you a sketch and if you approve it, you pay me and I get it done. You can tell me to change whatever you want in the sketch if you don’t like something

I’ll draw pretty much anything, though if it’s not human or humanoid, we’ll have to discuss the price (exept the AC ones)
NSFW commissions info can be found HERE

Thank you in advance!

Yesterday I found out I’m gonna need to pay 150euro for a con table in Germany so this just got extra urgent (i need to get plane tickets and shit too and it’s gonna be my first tabling outside of my country so I’m kinda panicked)

If you can reblog it would also be a big help and if you can commission me you’re saving my ass

((ooc but I’m gonna put it here bc I’m pretty desperate))



Dusting off the commission’s post a bit, hopefully making it more attractive, the prices remain the same, so does the conditions. Currently on the most uptight financial situation of my life due to the economic crisis in the country, therefore any contribution is appreciated.

Sketches –  Bust: 5$ // Full Body: 8$


Digitally Inked Lineart – Bust: 10$ // Full Body: 15$


Lineart/Flatcolors –Bust: 15$ // Full Body: 20$


Lineart/Cellshading – Bust: 20$ // Full Body: 25$


Lineart/Digital Painting-Bust: 25$ // Full Body: 35$

  • This are the base prices, they might go up if the request is too complicated or down depending on your personality.
  • The criteria of drawing more than one character would be doubling the price, but it also depends on the complexity of the request.
  • My artwork is DIGITAL, which means you are paying of the digital drawing. I won’t be sending Prints or sketches; I don’t mind you printing the art, for non-commercial use only.
  • I won’t be displaying the final pieces online if you don’t want to, but I would use them for personal purposes if feel like to.
  • The payment must be through Paypal

Mail is: 

+ high-res version


I am still backlogged as FUCK but I need to recoup an overcharge to my bank account before another charge hits i and I am slain with feest, so these are kind of a small emergency and the PWYW tarot readings are going nowhere.

Please message me via tumblr messenger OR email at 
Must have drawn refs, no descriptions! Refs must be accurate, I do not make free edits for details the commissioner fails to disclose. Can draw furries. Don’t do a lot of mecha, will decide case-by-case. Fanart is case-by-case too!

Commissions are otherwise closed until I clear my queue. I hate doing this when other folks are still waiting on their stuff but I am in a tough spot!


Guess who has two thumbs and a tax bill
Emergency Commissions 

Long story short, despite having paid all the tax I owe, HMRC are telling me I still owe more (£366 to be exact). It’s easier at this point to simply pay it and then have them, hopefully, reimburse it at a later date rather than dispute it (which costs time and money I don’t have, which is advice I’ve gotten from an accountant family friend)

SO I’m offering three types of commissions! : 

£30 – Busts
£40 – ¾
£45 – Full 

£15 for each additional character


I take money upfront (PayPal only) and turn around should be 2-3 weeks (I want to do these as fast as I can, honestly as they’re emergency ones so they shouldn’t take as long as that but I need to take work into account etc etc.)


Out of This World: An Erasermic FanZine Preorders are open!!
>>>>>>Store Link<<<<<<

Full CMYK Color, Perfect Bound, the Erasermic Fanzine is now up for sale!!! Featuring artwork and writing from over 40 artists and writers, please come support our work by purchasing this wonderfully bound zine!

There are 3 options for preorders!!

Bundle link!

Zine only link!

Digital PDF Copy link!

Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us! And please continue to support us as we finish this project!


See Henchwenchesforhire’s works here and here!

To contact the seller before bidding, please email

If you have a very specific prompt and are not flexible, it’s best to contact the seller before bidding, even if it fits within their listed parameters. If you are asking for a specific kink, always ask first.

Charities these auctions benefit: Bidder’s choice of any of the listed groups

(See full list)

Henchwenchesforhire’s offerings:

Henchwenchesforhire Auction #1

Type of fanwork: fanfiction
Subtype(s): N/A
Fandom(s): Batman and Related DC Comics
Highest rating creator will work with: E (explicit)
Length: Less than 5K words
Especially interested in: We (RisqueSno and Gladrial) focus specifically on deeply in character, yet still very much romance shipping, Joker and Harley Quinn. We meld the comics and animated series portrayals (and various others these days) to bring the best representation of the clowns as possible! Look over our various JHQ pieces on AO3 to get the idea. We are open to including or emphasizing any of their ship tropes, including the ddlg angles, manipulation, and casual domestic abuse. Will perhaps accept extremely vague reference to Harley/Ivy, but only in passing. References to canon relationships such as BatCat or whoever is hooking up these days is okay, but again only in passing or as a cameo if you really want it. If you want a comedy situation with smut, we will do that. Smut with comedy? Straight drama? Any genre you want is fine, as long as we can make it work with the characters appropriately. We love writing the Gotham Rogues Gallery too, so if you want any of them to appear that’s a-okay!
Unwilling to address: No other pairings outside of Joker/Harley, please. The Joker/Harley Quinn are absolutely our OTP, but appropriate characterization is paramount to us. We know these characters inside and out. If there’s a way to make your “fluffy” idea work organically, we’ll do that, but we don’t write average straight sweetheart fluff for these two. On the other hand, we don’t write rape or gore outside of the clown’s usual canon violence.
Notes: We do NOT work with New 52/bleach skin Harley or straight up Suicide Squad movie interpretations. We can blend whatever aspects from other medium versions, like LetoJoker or LedgerJoker, you want and make it work…within reason. Tattoos, drug use, Arkham times, hobo style, flashy gangster- whatever you want from certain versions we can emphasize in our “distilled perfection” Joker, in a way that doesn’t make us want to personally gauge out our eyes. PLEASE READ AT LEAST SOME OF OUR JHQ FIC BEFORE REQUESTING, we may have already written something close to what you want and we can better help you see your vision come to life if you get what we work with!

Minimum Bid: $5

Auctions run from 8 January 2018 (Midnight, EST) to 14 January 2018 (Midnight, EST). Bids before or after this period are invalid and will not be counted.If you would like to bid on this auction:

Step 1: Check the bidding spreadsheet to find out what the current high bid is. (Note: It may take up to five minutes for a bid to appear.)

Step 2: Fill out the seller’s bidding form with a bid that is higher than the current high bid. If you want to make it harder for someone to outbid you, bid higher! You will NOT be notified if someone outbids you, so please bookmark this page and check frequently. You will only be notified if you are the high bidder after the auctions end.

Thanks for participating in Fandom Trumps Hate!



I heard a rumor that possibly external links don’t show up in tag searches, so just to be safe I’m linking to the post where I linked this hip new server I made! Anyone is welcome to join so long as you like NightMight/AllNight/SirMight/MightEye, whatever you wanna call it!

@blithefool this is the one



Hey, can I have a sec? I’m an Old and completely out of the loop, but I’m trying to help a friend out with some merchandise for an anime convention.

What anime/manga are popular and in demand nowadays? Characters or pairings? Symbols or icons from these?

I’d appreciate any help and nudges in the right direction, cause I’m seriously clueless. Signal boost if you can! Thank You! 💖

signal boost! anyone wanna help my friend with some anime guidance?




IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN :flicks lights off and on:


(I also have an active tip jar here – if you like what I do but don’t want to commission me at this time. if you’re interested:
Where I’ll be occasionally posting watercolours and sketches as thanks. To
the people who’ve donated to the tip jar I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH.)

I will not be taking fic commissions this round, nor full body.

SO. If you dig my work and have ever wanted me to draw something very
specific for you, but were afraid to ask, now may be that opportunity.  

To be up front, I  will not write or draw rape, vore,
extreme gore, or anything even remotely sexy or violent with underage
characters. ^_^ ( I potentially will make exception on the gore on any
Devil May Cry requests.  Potentially).

For all requests, ESPECIALLY if it’s an OC, i will need a
combination written description plus screen shots, and/ or face claim
(if no screens or face claim available, just be as detailed as possible

To get a slot, please message me with your
email address, and I will contact you for project details and paypal
info. In the unlikely event slots fill up, I will create a waiting list.

Art commissions (final art will be one 300 dpi JPG. TIF files or sized down files will be provided upon request.)

10 bust slots

$25 line art+15 per extra character (up to 2)
$45 simple shading+25 per extra character (up to 2)
$75 full shading+45 per extra character (up to 2)

5 torso slots

$35 line art+20 per extra character (up to 2)
$55 simple shading+30 per extra character (up to 2)
$85 full shading+50 per extra character (up to 2)

+ 10 per elaborate/highly detailed props or complex character armour.
Simple swords and/or guns are free 😉
No charge for simple gradation backgrounds on request.

The fine print:

Payment due at rough sketch. If you must cancel, you can do it at this stage.

For any “adult” requests, you will ABSOLUTELY need to provide proof you’re over 18.

will go in order received. All art commissions will receive one rough
layout proof, one sketch proof, and one round of edits. Colour
commissions will receive one flat colour proof as well.

Afternoon rebagel

I know you guys are getting sick of this, sorry

+ high-res version



Everybody say HEY!

Welcome Listeners, to the Present Mic Fanzine Project, Lovin’ Out Loud! It’s a collaborative artbook project to pay tribute to the loudest Pro Hero to hit these streets!

This project is non-profit and all pre-order funds will go to the production of the zines, stickers, buttons, and charms. The money left over from that will be donated to charity!

Lovin’ Out Loud! Is a curated zine project and curators will be looking at applicants quality of work from the portfolios and art blogs submitted. As of this point in time, we are searching for about 40 artists but this number may change!

Applications are officially open and will be until December 31st!

Click here to see Submission Guidelines!!!

Click here to Apply!!!

Still so much time to apply!!!!