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Henchwenchesforhire Auction #1

Type of fanwork: fanfiction
Subtype(s): N/A
Fandom(s): Batman and Related DC Comics
Highest rating creator will work with: E (explicit)
Length: Less than 5K words
Especially interested in: We (RisqueSno and Gladrial) focus specifically on deeply in character, yet still very much romance shipping, Joker and Harley Quinn. We meld the comics and animated series portrayals (and various others these days) to bring the best representation of the clowns as possible! Look over our various JHQ pieces on AO3 to get the idea. We are open to including or emphasizing any of their ship tropes, including the ddlg angles, manipulation, and casual domestic abuse. Will perhaps accept extremely vague reference to Harley/Ivy, but only in passing. References to canon relationships such as BatCat or whoever is hooking up these days is okay, but again only in passing or as a cameo if you really want it. If you want a comedy situation with smut, we will do that. Smut with comedy? Straight drama? Any genre you want is fine, as long as we can make it work with the characters appropriately. We love writing the Gotham Rogues Gallery too, so if you want any of them to appear that’s a-okay!
Unwilling to address: No other pairings outside of Joker/Harley, please. The Joker/Harley Quinn are absolutely our OTP, but appropriate characterization is paramount to us. We know these characters inside and out. If there’s a way to make your “fluffy” idea work organically, we’ll do that, but we don’t write average straight sweetheart fluff for these two. On the other hand, we don’t write rape or gore outside of the clown’s usual canon violence.
Notes: We do NOT work with New 52/bleach skin Harley or straight up Suicide Squad movie interpretations. We can blend whatever aspects from other medium versions, like LetoJoker or LedgerJoker, you want and make it work…within reason. Tattoos, drug use, Arkham times, hobo style, flashy gangster- whatever you want from certain versions we can emphasize in our “distilled perfection” Joker, in a way that doesn’t make us want to personally gauge out our eyes. PLEASE READ AT LEAST SOME OF OUR JHQ FIC BEFORE REQUESTING, we may have already written something close to what you want and we can better help you see your vision come to life if you get what we work with!

Minimum Bid: $5

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I drew this at the very beginning of 2011 for theprincessbee’s fic, Ask Me No Secrets.

I made a few fan comics for her fics but the first one was always my favorite. The text bubbles are a bit of a nightmare and my style has done a 180 since then but I don’t flinch when I look at it like some of my other old art. 

I love the story (and all of bees writing, really). Checking back through my Tumblr history, I guess I never posted the whole thing together before so I’ll stick it here for interested parties.