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Just a dumb little something I wrote/drew. Though I realize that Pryde and Wisdom haven’t been a thing in, like, 20 years- I will probably ship them until I die.



Ahh i spent way longer on this than i feel like i should have and now that im posting it im kind of nervous.

idk i just feel like kurt is Anxious and Doing His Best and logan is like somewhere between a stereotypical action hero and someones frightening dad and i appreciate their relationship in comics but i feel like its never rly developed as much as it could be.

i think i still have a ways to go in terms of doing page layouts but i tried some new stuff 

Well ain’t That awesome.

Great colours. Great style. This is super neat!


Another New X-Men short by @averagexmendrawings and @northstarfan, starring Wind Dancer, Hellion, and all of my Academy X feels.

I never did think Sofia would just stop superheroing after her stint with the New Warriors, and I also wanted some actual closure between her and Julian. So here we are, with Sofia upset and Julian not listening.

Almost like old times, really.

As with the previous story, this is set sometime during the Aaron run on Wolverine and the X-Men.

Hot dang! This look absolutely beautiful, Luis ! 

I finished something. Amazing.

Script by @sparkystarsmore



A comic in which Kitty Pryde regrets her career choice and Jonothon Starsmore is an insufferable ass.

Text by Awesomeflotsam with art by me-BlitheFool

I still laugh at this dialogue. Jono, you’re such a jerk.



Story and art: SiliceB

;v; I am so happy I managed to finish on time! Yay! To be honest I was quite surprised when they told me nobody else was doing Emma ;3; because, yes, it was hard choosing one character amongst the fabulous amazing girls at Marvel, but for me Emma is just quite amazing.

50 shades of Frost is a simple day at Emma’s life, that hopefully manages to show some aspects of her life, not only as a woman, or x men, but as a teacher, girlfriend, business woman and more.

I am so happy to be accepted on this! Thanks Female Comics Event for this opportunity!