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Alright. I’ll admit it. It lightens my heart to see a well adjusted Jono.

And Jubilee’s I-spend-all-my-time-taking-care-of-a-toddler-what-is-fashion? Kills me. 10/10.

+ high-res version



@stellarvisionary just screen capped this so I’m not reblogging the same huge post 100 times but, yeah. 

His body has been lacking a heart for…several years? I’d imagine his blood is just sorta congealed in there. There’s nothing to move it around. Probably looks like black strap molasses at this point. Not terribly appetizing for a vampire.

Perhaps a side effect of his whole “no longer a mutant/Amped up on El Sabah Nur blood” thing that he had going for a while?

Hmm. I dunno. When Legion reset the timeline it was almost like that whole Apocalypse thing never happened. And even if the time reset did something, he’s been back in his ol’ meat puppet for quite the stretch now anyway. He still doesn’t have a heart. I don’t think it would take very long for his blood to go south. I’m pretty sure it was just a) a way to show how much Jono cares about Jubilee b) a way to terrify Shogo and make Jubilee feel like a monster.

I’m fairly certain the writer was not considering the bizarre physiology that everyone’s favorite flaming corpse boy has. Probably didn’t cross their mind.