Because I’m pretty bad off financially I’m opening commissions~


Email me on 
with what type of commission you want, the more detailed your explanation, the better (what the characters are wearing, what they’re doing, expressions, accessories etc)

After I accept your inquiry I’ll send you a sketch and if you approve it, you pay me and I get it done. You can tell me to change whatever you want in the sketch if you don’t like something

I’ll draw pretty much anything, though if it’s not human or humanoid, we’ll have to discuss the price (exept the AC ones)
NSFW commissions info can be found HERE

Thank you in advance!

Yesterday I found out I’m gonna need to pay 150euro for a con table in Germany so this just got extra urgent (i need to get plane tickets and shit too and it’s gonna be my first tabling outside of my country so I’m kinda panicked)

If you can reblog it would also be a big help and if you can commission me you’re saving my ass

((ooc but I’m gonna put it here bc I’m pretty desperate))


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