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Guess who has two thumbs and a tax bill
Emergency Commissions 

Long story short, despite having paid all the tax I owe, HMRC are telling me I still owe more (£366 to be exact). It’s easier at this point to simply pay it and then have them, hopefully, reimburse it at a later date rather than dispute it (which costs time and money I don’t have, which is advice I’ve gotten from an accountant family friend)

SO I’m offering three types of commissions! : 

£30 – Busts
£40 – ¾
£45 – Full 

£15 for each additional character


I take money upfront (PayPal only) and turn around should be 2-3 weeks (I want to do these as fast as I can, honestly as they’re emergency ones so they shouldn’t take as long as that but I need to take work into account etc etc.)




I have big money problems right now and this is only way I can get money right now

I need to pay bills, so I have no choice

(you can see other works in my blog)

Colored Sketch: 

Waist Up: 14$           Full Body: 16$

Flat Colored Lineart:

Waist Up: 18$          Full Body: 20$

Fully Colored Lineart: 

Waist Up: 22$          Full Body: 24$ 

+ ½ price for extra character


+ ½ price for background


contact me via tumblr messages pls

Sorry, but please help if you can. I have difficult situation with work and drawing is only way to get money for food and bills.

Donations is ok too, but if you like my artworks pls commisioning me

I need money so i want to remind all of you again that my commissions is open.

And I have patreon now so  if you want to support me it`s here –>

+ high-res version


UPDATE! I have fixed my computer (The CPU at least) but I am still poor and desperate.

Okay I finally got the courage to put this up. I taking commission work you guys *Fireworks*

Right…I can draw anything you like, it doesn’t have to be X-men or comic books related, yet have in mind that’s the style I am most comfortable with, I also have no problem drawing nudes, but I would rather not to draw anything NSFW, I am quite awful drawing animals, however I can try; if there is any doubt of what can, won’t or will do drop me a message. 

The prices in USD are the following; I will update later with examples.


Sketches -5$

Digitally Inked Lineart – 10$

Lineart/Flatcolors – 15$

Lineart/Cellshading – 20$

Lineart/Digital Painting 25$


Sketches -8$

Digitally Inked Lineart – 15$

Lineart/Flatcolors – 20$

Lineart/Cellshading – 25$

Lineart/Digital Painting 30$

*This are the base prices, they might go up if the request is too complicated or down depending on your personality.

**The criteria of drawing more than one character would be doubling the price, but it also depends on the complexity of the request.

-My artwork is DIGITAL, which means you are paying of the digital drawing. I won’t be sending Prints or sketches; I don’t mind you printing the art, for non-commercial use only. 

-I won’t be displaying the final pieces online if you don’t want to, but I would use them for personal purposes if feel like to.

-The payment can be through Paypal, but I will gratefully take Amazon’s Giftcards as well (Venezuelans will know)

-It should take me no longer than two weeks to finish a piece, but time may vary depending if can find coffee on the store (Venezuelans will know)

-I will receive the payment AFTER I am done, because my tablet is behaving weird and might faint at any moment, is one the reason I doing this.

-All the profits will be used on the buying of a new tablet to keep drawing, or candy, which I eat while drawing. 

Did I forget something?…

Mail is: or you can send me an ‘Ask’ and remain anonymous.



Things I Will Not Draw

  • anything offensive, including racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc.
  • Anything promoting hateful opinions or ideas.
  • rude or mean caricatures of real people
  • anything pornographic in nature.

All commissions will look similar to the above and are a flat $5 which must be sent through PayPal in advance.  Each character is $5 even if pictured together.

If you’re interested, email me and provide the following to

  1. References of the character/person I’m drawing
  2. brief description of character and person
  3. ideas for pose and clothing or if you want me to choose, say so, also let me know if you want stars or no stars.
  4. any special requests or important notes

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