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UPDATE! I have fixed my computer (The CPU at least) but I am still poor and desperate.

Okay I finally got the courage to put this up. I taking commission work you guys *Fireworks*

Right…I can draw anything you like, it doesn’t have to be X-men or comic books related, yet have in mind that’s the style I am most comfortable with, I also have no problem drawing nudes, but I would rather not to draw anything NSFW, I am quite awful drawing animals, however I can try; if there is any doubt of what can, won’t or will do drop me a message. 

The prices in USD are the following; I will update later with examples.


Sketches -5$

Digitally Inked Lineart – 10$

Lineart/Flatcolors – 15$

Lineart/Cellshading – 20$

Lineart/Digital Painting 25$


Sketches -8$

Digitally Inked Lineart – 15$

Lineart/Flatcolors – 20$

Lineart/Cellshading – 25$

Lineart/Digital Painting 30$

*This are the base prices, they might go up if the request is too complicated or down depending on your personality.

**The criteria of drawing more than one character would be doubling the price, but it also depends on the complexity of the request.

-My artwork is DIGITAL, which means you are paying of the digital drawing. I won’t be sending Prints or sketches; I don’t mind you printing the art, for non-commercial use only. 

-I won’t be displaying the final pieces online if you don’t want to, but I would use them for personal purposes if feel like to.

-The payment can be through Paypal, but I will gratefully take Amazon’s Giftcards as well (Venezuelans will know)

-It should take me no longer than two weeks to finish a piece, but time may vary depending if can find coffee on the store (Venezuelans will know)

-I will receive the payment AFTER I am done, because my tablet is behaving weird and might faint at any moment, is one the reason I doing this.

-All the profits will be used on the buying of a new tablet to keep drawing, or candy, which I eat while drawing. 

Did I forget something?…

Mail is: or you can send me an ‘Ask’ and remain anonymous.



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