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No particular order as I’d find them impossible to rank anyhow.

Chamber (X-Men/Generation X)

2) Joker (Batman)

3) Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

4) Hades- (Hercules)

5) Jane Lane (Daria)

6) Jareth (The Labyrinth)

7) Sally the Ragdoll (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

8) Beetlejuice -um, same.

9) Morgana McCawber (Darkwing Duck)

10) Puck (Gargoyles)

I will tag but please don’t feel pressured to do this if you’re not interested. Also, if I didn’t tag you and you want to do it- you should!



guapet replied to your post: Any romantic pairings y’all would like…

more angelo and jono (duh), but i’m always looking for chicks to ship emma with … or maybe some harley and ivy?

you know for some reason the way you draw Skin always reminds me of Jughead. Wish is great cuz I love Jughead! :p

Oh, I can totally see that! Though it never occurred to me until you mentioned it. Bachalo started giving Skin that ski-slope nose in Generation Next and it just sorta stuck and became the way I draw it too.

gracklegrackle asked me for some additional shots of my Chamber custom. Here’s 2. I didn’t take these photos-the customizer did. I’d link him but he doesn’t do requests often so he asked that I not mention him by name.



You must be quite the scamp!

OMG you drew him! He’s my favorite thing about the show so far!

wish I had more time to search for Oswald stuff on tumblr…

Ozzie is such a little shit. He’s absolutely my favorite part of the Gotham series thus far. When I saw they cast this tall, thin,good looking kid as Oswald I was like…I don’t know about this. But I was sold in, like, 5 minutes. Then they busted up his legs and gave him that ridiculous sharky up-do. He’s perfect.




‘Explain t’me how the mall’s suppose to make me less depressed’

‘I’ll take you to Hot Topic.You can buy some more of those ridiculous black rubber bracelets’

‘…I hate you’

They banter in my head like this all day long. I may have a medical condition.

This is going to be one of those days where I just search through my own tags. Sorry about that.

who is on the poster?

Tom Waits! I *might* have passed my love of him onto Jono.


Many soldiers came back from the trenches of WWI missing bits of their face. But 1920s society wasn’t the nicest place to look like a gnarled piece of meat, and facial surgery was barely beyond grafting your finger to your nose.

The answer: masks! Sculptors such as Anna Coleman Ladd and Francis Derwent Wood would make new bits of face from copper for these gentlemen, either from life-casts or from photographs. 

The masks were either held in place by string or attached to glasses, and were painted to match the wearer’s skin colour. Things like facial hair and artificial eyes were also added where needed.

Further info

This has nothing to do with comics but it made me think of Richard Harrow from Broadwalk Empire and I thought gracklegrackle would appreciate it.



Awesome Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee is available for preorder! Much excitement! Click through link leads to Big Bad Toy Store.

how cool is that!

now I want a bishonen Chamber…

That would be funny! A matching pretty boy set for their pretty girls line. Kotobukiya’s regular line is pretty nice. I have a Gambit statue from them that I’m fond of.Their Batman merch is glorious.