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I was cleaning and I found the tea my mom got me for Christmas because I made the mistake of telling her there was exactly one tea I had ever tried that I didn’t hate and I thought it was weird that it came in a cylinder because tea comes in a bag, TEA COMES IN A BAG, WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO WITH THIS FUCKIN POTPOURRI SHIT, I ASSUME IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH HOT WATER??


I have this wonderful little thing… somewhere… that is JUST for this.  It’s basically a metal, reusable tea bag for loose leaves.  I wanna call it a tea strainer, but that may not be right because I’m running on NO sleep right now.

You need a tea infuser. They used to be just metal balls with tiny holes in them and now they come in all kinds of funny shapes. The ‘Manatea’ is my personal favorite.

I got a small box today filled with baby clothes for a friend. Radar is trying really hard to make this box work for him.


Many soldiers came back from the trenches of WWI missing bits of their face. But 1920s society wasn’t the nicest place to look like a gnarled piece of meat, and facial surgery was barely beyond grafting your finger to your nose.

The answer: masks! Sculptors such as Anna Coleman Ladd and Francis Derwent Wood would make new bits of face from copper for these gentlemen, either from life-casts or from photographs. 

The masks were either held in place by string or attached to glasses, and were painted to match the wearer’s skin colour. Things like facial hair and artificial eyes were also added where needed.

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This has nothing to do with comics but it made me think of Richard Harrow from Broadwalk Empire and I thought gracklegrackle would appreciate it.