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One of my favorite things right now is Momma Garnet. I also wanted to her to be pretty stylish, so here ya go.  

Wonder women sports bra based of the design in this post.


Mugshot Monday

Created by AndrewKwan



what if…

*melts into a puddle* Now I might have to cosplay this….

+ high-res version


X-Men Portraits 1/3: Chamber

One piece of a three part mini-thesis featuring my favorite X-Men that are rarely featured in the limelight. 

Here we have Chamber, an X-Men with the ability to cast energy blasts from his chest. These same energy blasts have essentially destroyed his chest cavity and lower face and he has pretty much been a grumpy Englishmen every since.

Oooh. Very nice. Dig the jacket as well.


Alter Egos

Created by Coran “Kizer” Stone.

Holy crap


Yay, Fili fan art! The reference photo is the second one. Since my portrait isn’t a paintover, there are some difference and little mistakes (he’s looking in a slightly different direction than the ref, and it’s a really subtle thing.) I also didn’t do the chain mail because I would have fallen over counting all those rings. 😮 And the focus is really on his face…which is ridiculously scribbly up close.

Holy cats, Fishcake! This is lovely!