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i really wish all new x-factor hadnt been cancelled because that robot sex subplot seemed like it was rly going somewhere

I will go to my grave assuming that the final scene of everyone watching Warlock and Danger doing… whatever it was they were doing, was followed by Warlock emerging briefly to ask Doug if he’d like to join in… and Doug just shrugging, smiling and agreeing… at which point everyone else would just get the hell out of there, because Warlock and Danger making techno-whoopie is one thing (they’re not human and shapeshifters to boot_, but throw in a human too, and people’s minds start thinking about things like “Positions” and “who does what?” and you don’t necessarily want to think about such things with your team-mates!


I’m still trying to catch up so I don’t know for sure if she asked Pietro or not…..but I would assume this would be her response.

So perfect