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Editing Services and Spanish-English Fanfic Translation

Translation services from English into Castilian Spanish for fanfic and short original fiction. 2.5¢ USD per word ($25 USD per 1k words). Beta/editing services starting at 1¢ a word.

Traducción de historias (originales y de fanfiction) a inglés estilo Norteaméricano desde 2.5 centavos EEUU. Reviso de historias desde 1¢ EEUU.

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my snowglobe set is up for preorder! preorder ends OCT25 at 12am EST

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Greetings BNHA / MHA Fans! 

We are calling for applications for our Adult Hero Pinup Calendar! We’re looking for artists interested in doing either a month feature or 1-2 “spot” illustrations that will be within the dates themselves! 

There are currently 9 Slots open for Months, 1 for the cover of the calendar, and up to 15 slots open for Spot Illustrations. 


  • These are adult heroes ONLY! 
  • While Heroes may wear few clothes or be in suggestive positions, the images are NOT to be explicit! 
  • Applicants should be 18+! This IS a pinup calendar. 

Save The Dates: 

Oct. 1: Applications Close! 

Oct. 9: Emails Sent Out!

Oct. 14: Assignments handed out

Oct. 27: First Check In! 

Nov. 10: Second Check In!

Nov. 17th: Deadline! 

Dec. 1: Calendar goes Live! 

Apply Here!!!

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Do you enjoy shipping Slade/Terra? Do you wish to communicate about this with other like-minded humans? ARE YOU FREE TOMORROW NIGHT!?

If the answer to all of these was, “FUCK YEAH”, please join us tomorrow on Discord for a Slerra shipping chat! Starts at 7:00 pm (US est) and lasts until everyone decides to bail! PM me (@risquesno) a working email and tomorrow (saturday, september 2nd, 2017) at 7:00 pm (US est) I will send you links to the Discord room! You must have a discord account and app!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an 18+ event, due to subject matter!

I’m really excited about this and I look forward to chatting with y’all!

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This is not a drill! From the page-count, it looks like the entire first volume of the Weir/DeFillipis run is finally getting the trade treatment! Wind Dancer, Elixir, Prodigy, Hellion, Wither, Wallflower… those were such innocent days!

I suspect this has more to do with Marvel trying to cash in on the upcoming New Mutants movie than any plans to actually start treating the Academy X/New X-Men kids like more than wallpaper (the Zeb/Wells run is also getting the “complete collection“ treatment in February), but showing them there’s still some love for this particular class of X-Men trainees can’t hurt!

New Mutants: Back to School – The Complete Collection is up for pre-order on Amazon!




Dusting off the commission’s post a bit, hopefully making it more attractive, the prices remain the same, so does the conditions. Currently on the most uptight financial situation of my life due to the economical crisis in the country, therefore any contribution is appreciated.

Sketches –  Bust: 5$ // Full Body: 8$


Digitally Inked Lineart – Bust: 10$ // Full Body: 15$


Lineart/Flatcolors –Bust: 15$ // Full Body: 20$


Lineart/Cellshading – Bust: 20$ // Full Body: 25$


Lineart/Digital Painting-Bust: 25$ // Full Body: 35$

  • This are the base prices, they might go up if the request is too complicated or down depending on your personality.
  • The criteria of drawing more than one character would be doubling the price, but it also depends on the complexity of the request.
  • My artwork is DIGITAL, which means you are paying of the digital drawing. I won’t be sending Prints or sketches; I don’t mind you printing the art, for non-commercial use only.
  • I won’t be displaying the final pieces online if you don’t want to, but I would use them for personal purposes if feel like to.
  • The payment must be through Paypal

Mail is: 

Hi guys! Here I go again. Things are getting better or are considerably less dramatic lately but still I’d appreciate every bit of help as the last months of the year tend to be the most roughs of the bunch-


For my london followers:

My lovely little calico cat Sugi is missing. She’s round about 7 months old and wee, very friendly and inquisitive. Sometime in the night she managed to escape, and as she’s been a house cat since I got her I’m worried that she won’t be able to find her way back to me as it’s all new and unknown.

She’s ginger, white and brown, with an Anakin Skywalker-esque marking across her left eye, and a smudge marking on her lower lip like she just stole all of the chocolate.

She has a big shaved patch with a healing scar on her hind frrom her recent spaying, and smaller shaved patches on her foreleg and under her chin.

As she’s a housecat she has no collar, but she is microchipped.

Last seen in the SW16 area of London, any signal boost would be much appreciated. It hasn’t been especially long since she went awol but my mind is throwing endless worst case scenarios at me and she is such an important bright spark in my life. I just want my cat back.