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For my london followers:

My lovely little calico cat Sugi is missing. She’s round about 7 months old and wee, very friendly and inquisitive. Sometime in the night she managed to escape, and as she’s been a house cat since I got her I’m worried that she won’t be able to find her way back to me as it’s all new and unknown.

She’s ginger, white and brown, with an Anakin Skywalker-esque marking across her left eye, and a smudge marking on her lower lip like she just stole all of the chocolate.

She has a big shaved patch with a healing scar on her hind frrom her recent spaying, and smaller shaved patches on her foreleg and under her chin.

As she’s a housecat she has no collar, but she is microchipped.

Last seen in the SW16 area of London, any signal boost would be much appreciated. It hasn’t been especially long since she went awol but my mind is throwing endless worst case scenarios at me and she is such an important bright spark in my life. I just want my cat back.

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So one of the artists I follow found this tiny thing in the ditch running the back of his neighborhood. Her leg was shattered and none of the nearby residents seemed to know if she had an owner. She seems to be someone’s pet; she’s not micro-chipped, but she’s people-friendly and is housebroken. He’s had her broken leg looked at, but it’s pretty much drained his finances and she’s going to need follow-up medical attention.

He’s got a donation page set up for her here. Any help would be appreciated. Also, if any of you guys know of animal rescues in Texas who could take her in and help her with a forever home, that would be excellent too. Thanks!

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