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hey everyone! long time no post! 

i’m just here seeing if there would be any interest in some mini dog commissions like these this weekend:

I’ve been sick and missing some work so i’m needing to pad my paycheck a little bit. They’ll be $90 each, or a little more/less if they’re especially detailed/simple. My plan is to work on them while i’m home sick this weekend, assuming I’m over the hill and getting better by this point, so there’s a good chance i’ll have them done and out in time for Christmas if you’re in the US. I’m just gonna take 2 or 3 so I can get them done fast, and I’m only doing dogs this time around cuz I can’t promise my sick brain can handle anything more complicated than that 😉

email me at if you’re interested! first come first served. 


So cute!

I’m busy rn, but if you want some quality plush, these look really great also they’re very cheap!


hey dog lovers!

have a dog that loves to chew, tug, toss and prance? need a cheap, machine-washable, quick-drying toy? enjoy buying handmade items made from recycled and remnant fleece?

i’m here with a solution: 

flea’s dog bites

  • hand braided recycled material
  • hard-to tear anti-pill fleece
  • machine washable
  • dries in sunlight in under a half hour
  • designs tested on hundreds of dogs
  • options for dogs of all sizes and play types
  • prices ranging from $2 to $18

through february 2015, get 20% off your total purchase with the code:


+ high-res version


So one of the artists I follow found this tiny thing in the ditch running the back of his neighborhood. Her leg was shattered and none of the nearby residents seemed to know if she had an owner. She seems to be someone’s pet; she’s not micro-chipped, but she’s people-friendly and is housebroken. He’s had her broken leg looked at, but it’s pretty much drained his finances and she’s going to need follow-up medical attention.

He’s got a donation page set up for her here. Any help would be appreciated. Also, if any of you guys know of animal rescues in Texas who could take her in and help her with a forever home, that would be excellent too. Thanks!

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