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No one stopped me so I made another one:

I took him into the garden so I could make the most of the daylight to
show his hair off. This being Manchester it didn’t take long to decide to start raining, it did at least have the good grace to wait until I was done before it started.

I’m having fun exploring what I can do with ‘hair’

Having to wait overnight for the fabric paint I coloured his scarf with to dry was a pain in the arse, but the fabric I used for his shirt is soooooo strokeably soft it sort of makes up for it.


*and shoulders.  It’s my title and I’ll make bad jokes if I want to 😀


This is exactly why I shouldn’t be left on my own:

One vaguely thought through idea and off I run to try my hand at something different.

I still need to tidy up the excess fabric at the back but other than that this 6 inch hoop is complete!

The question now is do I leave it here or do I go make someone else…


*Because who can resist using a title like that when they have the opportunity 😀


This is so fun. Lookit his little jacket!


BNHA Charms up for pre-order on my store! 

reblogs appreciated :3c

these are incredibly cute.



So yeah, Caliban.

I’m a sucker for a supporting character.

He’s definitely my most ambitious knitted action figure so far. 

He has an internal armature to make him poseable (after I got to play with @knitpool‘s Guy I had to give that a go for myself), a full set of clothes right down to socks and underpants and my first attempts at non-knitted shoes (not bad but can be improved on), and hat making.  White on white stitching is hard to see but he has body hair and eyebrows but, much as @bethama tried to encourage me, I stopped short of knitting individual fingers and having to sew teeny tiny little gloves.  It’s not that I couldn’t do it, I just really didn’t want to!*

He’s mostly made from stash items, the only things I bought specifically for him were the armature and stuff for his hat.  (Ever since I made Dracula I wondered what I’d do with the remaining 95% of the skein of white wool I’d bought to make his hair.)

Least fun part? Measuring, measuring and measuring again and getting ridiculously stressed over whether or not clothes were actually going to fit him.

Most fun part? The poncho, because that’s when he really started to look like Caliban.

* It’s hard enough to get a tiny hand in a tiny mitten, wrestling teeny fingers into teeny glove fingers is waaaaaay more effort than it’s worth.

Excuse me for encouraging people to reach for the stars and realize their artistic potential, geez.

Ooh! Love.




hey everyone! long time no post! 

i’m just here seeing if there would be any interest in some mini dog commissions like these this weekend:

I’ve been sick and missing some work so i’m needing to pad my paycheck a little bit. They’ll be $90 each, or a little more/less if they’re especially detailed/simple. My plan is to work on them while i’m home sick this weekend, assuming I’m over the hill and getting better by this point, so there’s a good chance i’ll have them done and out in time for Christmas if you’re in the US. I’m just gonna take 2 or 3 so I can get them done fast, and I’m only doing dogs this time around cuz I can’t promise my sick brain can handle anything more complicated than that 😉

email me at if you’re interested! first come first served. 


So cute!

I’m busy rn, but if you want some quality plush, these look really great also they’re very cheap!



Guten Tag, freunden! Though he may look ghoulish and demonic, once you get to know the X-men’s resident teleporter, you’ll find he’s a really nice guy. It’s the amazing Nightcrawler!

This is amazing.

I’ll take 20.



So these aren’t completely finished (I need to trim the edges, add a few more coats of modpodge and smooth the bubbles out) but look! I made myself some X-Men Legacy shoes ❤ I couldn’t bare to cut up issues 23-24 because while I managed to find copies of the other issues, my local comic store didn’t have any spares in stock 😦 So no dream dancing shoes sigh. But I’m happy with them :)!


So fabulous!