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Hello! This is interest check round two for the upcoming EraserMight ship zine! The zine will be for-profit and feature art, comics, fics, and potentially poetry as well. Contributor apps will open February 14th!

If this interests you (as a contributor or buyer), please fill out this interest survey to help me finalize my plans for this zine.

Reblogs appreciated, thank you!!

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I’m 29 today

…and the guide to x-ceptional baking is out and available as a PDF!

There’s some excellent art and recipes in it so if you missed the Kickstarter hit this up ~

Many happy returns, youngster!

And yes, “The Guide to XCeptional Baking” is great fun! (and some some lovely art!)

Happy Birthday, LW! Also- I’m in this zine and it’s full of cool people!


Please give a warm welcome to our Zine Contributors!!

All of these talented people are working hard to bring you guys an amazing zine, it’s going to be so wonderful! Check all of them out, their stuff is amazing!!


@avesyna, @ai-kki, @blastiax, @4kcu0, @de4thpunchEla, @fedezzzsigart, @fumikawge   greatdiddles, @taffypointbyIkuzuu,  Ixiblitz, @immmaghostKami, @katrucci, @leviathx, @manishachanart, @meduck, @meekinthedraw, @muffdash-art-storage@nartothelar@neenya, @wanksy@askfashionmic / @rhodathepomelo, @computergecko, @sunnnybox, @siren-ity

Merch Artists:

Ela, @muffdash-art-storage, @peaches-n-reptiles, @shiroikumoStarydraws,


AmandyalmondsAnonymous_Cupcake, @gemsywriteserasermic, @gluethegrue, Haruka, @maebewejustexist@mo-mouseRhoenRose Rollins@blogalittlebitofthis, Shiva

Guest Contributors:

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The day is finally here! Preorders will be open until July 23rd, so get your copy before then!
But before you do, if you’d like to take your chances, this post doubles as a giveaway!! All you have to do to enter is like or reblog this post. Only one reblog counts (though we don’t mind if you reblog multiple times to spread the word), and one like counts.
The winner will receive one free copy of the zine, plus the full merch bundle that comes with it. You must have a valid address to enter!

The giveaway closes this Saturday, so remember to get your entries in!


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Lovin’ Out Loud! The Present Mic Fanzine will be open for preorders on July 7th! That’s right! Present Mic’s Birthday!!

Get your wallets ready! More info to come!!!!

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And Surprise Merch From
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What is this zine for?
This is a pg-13 zine celebrating the ship of EraserMic, or Aizawa Shouta and Yamada Hizashi from My Hero Academia. 

What do you mean by “With a side of Shinsou”?
I understand its slightly popular for people to have an adoption or dad Aizawa head cannon so I want to encourage those head cannons by allowing people to also focus on Shinsou’s relationship to these two in this zine. 

Who can apply? 
Anyone with a love for this ship! I’ll be looking for both artists and writers for this so please apply!!!

When can I apply?
Applications are dated to open November 1st. Right now the late date is only due to some scheduling issues being worked out. More information will be released if the date changes. 

Please reblog and spread the PLUS ULTRA word!!!