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Hello! This is interest check round two for the upcoming EraserMight ship zine! The zine will be for-profit and feature art, comics, fics, and potentially poetry as well. Contributor apps will open February 14th!

If this interests you (as a contributor or buyer), please fill out this interest survey to help me finalize my plans for this zine.

Reblogs appreciated, thank you!!

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Happy birthday, hobo sensei!!

Finally, here’s the collab comic I’ve been talking about, a companion piece to this by @diemarysues which you should go read RIGHT NOW if you haven’t yet.

There is MUCH MORE to come so give us a follow if you wanna see how this turns out >:)



Edit: Tumblr is making the images look incredibly blurry, please click on the images for full-sized less blurry version.

I know I told you this already but I love how expressive this is.


Hello BNHA fans! We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally decided to host…

ERASERMIGHT WEEK 2017! [ Nov.5th-12th ]

All forms of creations are accepted: fanart, fanfics, gifsets, playlists, videos, cosplay, edits, etc. as long as it is related to Erasermight. NSFW creations (including gore) are allowed as long as they’re properly tagged and under a ‘read more’ or behind a link. Works with possible trigger warnings should be tagged accordingly as well.

Each day will have a theme, but you do not have to post every day, nor are you obligated to follow any of the themes. Just create whatever inspires you! But in case you need a little fuel for inspiration, we have decided to give out two prompts along with lyrics from songs that would match the theme.

Late submissions and mixing and matching of prompts are allowed. Kindly tag your works as #emw17 on both Tumblr and Twitter, or @ us if you wish. A collection has been created on AO3 under the name EraserMight Week for you to add your fics.

Here are the themes for the week:

Day 1 – Childhood/First Impressions – I hate you, I love you, I hate that I want you.
Day 2 – Memories/Regrets – Up against the looking glass, I see the memories of our past.
Day 3 – Secrets/Fears – Every night you’re terrified of what you won’t become.
Day 4 – Trust/Hope – Come just as you are to me.
Day 5 – Safety/Comfort – I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.
Day 6 – Home/Peace – I just wanna hold you till we fall asleep.
Day 7 – AU

Day 8 – Free day 

If you have any additional questions, do send an ask!