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Kitties and Heroes

@kiki-kit and I were discussing how Aizawa loves cats, and figured he’d be the kind of guy who would pick up strays from the street and take them in. Kittens would then obviously happen.

Eventually he’d be told by Nezu that he can’t keep them all, so in order to keep the cutest of the bunch, he gifts All Might with a female kitten as long as he can visit it whenever he wants. He names the kitten Sidekick.

This is so sweet.


Happy birthday, hobo sensei!!

Finally, here’s the collab comic I’ve been talking about, a companion piece to this by @diemarysues which you should go read RIGHT NOW if you haven’t yet.

There is MUCH MORE to come so give us a follow if you wanna see how this turns out >:)



Edit: Tumblr is making the images look incredibly blurry, please click on the images for full-sized less blurry version.

I know I told you this already but I love how expressive this is.


I can never seem to draw Toshinori the same twice… 

Oh, but this is lovely!


Hm. This really ate up my afternoon.

Anyway, fingers crossed for an actual reunion with these two. And, uh, if Sir could have an actual name, that would also be good.

Saw this pop up on my dash again and, like…I’m still gonna pretend this is what actually happened.