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Guess who has two thumbs and a tax bill
Emergency Commissions 

Long story short, despite having paid all the tax I owe, HMRC are telling me I still owe more (£366 to be exact). It’s easier at this point to simply pay it and then have them, hopefully, reimburse it at a later date rather than dispute it (which costs time and money I don’t have, which is advice I’ve gotten from an accountant family friend)

SO I’m offering three types of commissions! : 

£30 – Busts
£40 – ¾
£45 – Full 

£15 for each additional character


I take money upfront (PayPal only) and turn around should be 2-3 weeks (I want to do these as fast as I can, honestly as they’re emergency ones so they shouldn’t take as long as that but I need to take work into account etc etc.)




IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN :flicks lights off and on:


(I also have an active tip jar here – if you like what I do but don’t want to commission me at this time. if you’re interested:
Where I’ll be occasionally posting watercolours and sketches as thanks. To
the people who’ve donated to the tip jar I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH.)

I will not be taking fic commissions this round, nor full body.

SO. If you dig my work and have ever wanted me to draw something very
specific for you, but were afraid to ask, now may be that opportunity.  

To be up front, I  will not write or draw rape, vore,
extreme gore, or anything even remotely sexy or violent with underage
characters. ^_^ ( I potentially will make exception on the gore on any
Devil May Cry requests.  Potentially).

For all requests, ESPECIALLY if it’s an OC, i will need a
combination written description plus screen shots, and/ or face claim
(if no screens or face claim available, just be as detailed as possible

To get a slot, please message me with your
email address, and I will contact you for project details and paypal
info. In the unlikely event slots fill up, I will create a waiting list.

Art commissions (final art will be one 300 dpi JPG. TIF files or sized down files will be provided upon request.)

10 bust slots

$25 line art+15 per extra character (up to 2)
$45 simple shading+25 per extra character (up to 2)
$75 full shading+45 per extra character (up to 2)

5 torso slots

$35 line art+20 per extra character (up to 2)
$55 simple shading+30 per extra character (up to 2)
$85 full shading+50 per extra character (up to 2)

+ 10 per elaborate/highly detailed props or complex character armour.
Simple swords and/or guns are free 😉
No charge for simple gradation backgrounds on request.

The fine print:

Payment due at rough sketch. If you must cancel, you can do it at this stage.

For any “adult” requests, you will ABSOLUTELY need to provide proof you’re over 18.

will go in order received. All art commissions will receive one rough
layout proof, one sketch proof, and one round of edits. Colour
commissions will receive one flat colour proof as well.

Afternoon rebagel

I know you guys are getting sick of this, sorry


Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well >:0 I need a bit of help so I’m opening up commissions! I can do existing characters and ocs! Please message or email me if you have any questions and reblogs are much appreciated! Thank you!


Greetings one and all!  Thanks to November being kind of a crap month for me, I’m throwing open Emergency Writing Comissions!

Got an idea you wanna see turned into a story?  There’s a pretty good chance I’m your girl!

Pay scale’s pretty standard: A dollar every hundred words, in increments of 500 words.  So:

500 Word Ficlet: $5

1000 Words: $10

1500 Words: $15

2000 Words: $20

2500 Words: $25

3000 Words: $30

I have FOUR spots open for commissions, and would prefer to work in the scale above, but I’m always open to negotiation





For some idea of my writing style, check me out here on Ao3!

Fandoms I’ll Be Writing For:

Transformers (Gen1, IDW, Transformers Prime, Beast Wars)

Voltron (Classic, Legendary Defender, Devil’s Due Comics, Lion Force, Vehicle)

Supernatural (I’m well versed up through season 7)

Teen Wolf (well versed through Season 3, passingly familiar with Season 4)

Marvel (MCU, Comics, most of the cartoons they’ve done)

I can also be talked into pretty much any of the fandoms you see me write for over on Ao3, and I’m always open to other suggestions.

Contact me here on Tumblr or at talesfromdorkside @!

Like what I do and have a couple bucks you wanna toss my way without taking a commission?  Buy me a coffee!


Art always makes a dang good Christmas present, if anyone’s stuck on gifts ;).


I’m opening up bottle-style commissions, these start at $80 base price!

-This includes a simple bottle/jar, bedding or similar item, and a few basic objects. (Like the example)

-A complex bottle/jar, multiple characters, lots of objects, detailed patterns/clothes etc would cost more, get in touch if you’re curious! I’m also willing to make it more like a terrarium, again, get in touch :).


Payment upfront through paypal invoice

-Personal/non commercial use only (feel free to contact me about commercial work though, I can give you a quote, depending on the project)

You will not receive a physical copy, but a high resolution file via email

Once I have received full payment, I will go ahead with the painting, I can send progress images and make small changes along the way

I need visual reference, no descriptions of characters please! (I’m lenient though, ask if you have questions)

A basic background is included in the waist up and full body options. Anything more complex will cost extra!

A second character is 80% of the initial charge (eg. a double waist up is $45+$36)

Ask me if you are unsure about anything!


Send me an email at with the following details:

-who/what you want
reference pics (I won’t work without these)
-paypal email

Its first come first served, I’ll get back to you with an estimate of how long it’ll take me! I’ll probably only take around 5 at a time, but anyone after that will be added to a queue!


I’m happy to paint OC’s and Fanart. I’ve also done larger illustrations, character designs and comic-style commissions on a case-by-case basis, get in touch if you want something not on here! I’m happy to chat prices etc.

(portrait characters belong to kaijugroupie and dogtron on tumblr)


so im struggling with bills and such at the moment so here we are yet again. commissions! please read all the notes/ rules below the cut before sending me a message. signal boosts are appreciated!

currently offering the following commission types: 

  • sketches w/ flat colour: £15, extra characters £10
  • lineart w/ flat colour: £20, extra character £10

extra information: 

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It’s summer and I have a little more free time on my hands so I’m opening up some commission slots for a little while!!

As always I take paypal only and it’s +$5 for each additional character and backgrounds (not just color but actual surroundings) are also extra, but I’m always willing to negotiate prices based on what works for you!

You can contact me here or on twitter at @muddy_suketchi or send me an email at!

Thanks a bunch in advance for considering commissioning me and signal boosts are always super appreciated!!

+ high-res version


NSFW, kinks/fetishes are more than welcome.
*I don’t draw – dragons and mecha.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any doubts or questions about commissions, via e-mail or PM.

If you`re interested, please send me e-mail with the details of your commission: clear description, the graphic references, poses etc. that you want.


Thank you! 🙂


cancer screening commissions!

hi everyone! i decided to make a commissions post just so its up and there for reference! i dont know if theyre considered emergency commissions or just normal commissions but!!  TL:DR: i was diagnosed with cancer a little less than a year ago and have to go to my screening to see if the cancer has returned but cant afford it! these commissions will help me ensure that my cancer hasn’t returned! links/more info on how to help are down below! ( as well as pictures )

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