– ACADEMY X – faculty cast
school based team, teaching and training the new generation of mutants
ROGUE headmistress (combat teacher)
MAGNETO (survival teacher)
ICEMAN (maths teacher)
FIRESTAR (politics and ethics teacher)
GAMBIT (ruse and tactics teacher)
CYPHER (litterature & communication teacher)

– I would re-create the Rogue/Mags/Gambit triangle only to end it all to reveal Rogue doesn’t it any of the two to be happy.

– Maybe keep on building on Firestar’s attraction to Iceman, while he begins to question his own sexuality and see her as a confident more than anything. 

– Cypher be the loner of the group and the narrator. Having been a student that got killed, he would be the most dedicated and caring teacher to his students, to prevent they ever meet a similar fate.

– Firestar would butt head with Magneto often, and argue that she is a survivor too (her battle against cancer, her old team getting killed in Civil War)

– Rogue and Iceman would be drinking buddies

as for their enemies, I would try to avoid having the school attacked too much, and rely more on internal soap dramas and reality based topics like media manipulation, teen suicide, right-wing conservatives, environmental issues, bullying, illiteracy, cultural appropriation, police brutalities.

pencils by me
inks and colors by the fabulous HÉCTOR BARROS a.k.a. @snibbits


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