hey friends, i’m broke as all shit, so i’m opening commissions! 

i LOVE drawing original characters! and i will happily draw nsfw, and just about anything else you could ask of me.

  • email me at with the subject as ‘commission’, or message me through tumblr with your request.
  • all prices are for a single character. costs for additional characters are negotiable, but will generally start from $5-$15.
  • all payments must be processed through paypal, and all prices are in USD.
  • payments must be processed before i start drawing, and please allow 1-3 weeks for completion.
  • refunds will only be given in the event that i am unable to finish your piece by the negotiated deadline.


  • i work on a very large scale, so most pieces will be upwards of 1000px. i will happily resize and crop at your request. 😀
  • busts can be anything from the waist up.
  • full portraits can cut off anywhere below the knee.
  • example of a b&w lineart full portrait ($25)
  • example of a flat coloured bust (busts are $15, plus $10 for flat colours, so this piece would have been $25 in total)
  • example of a full coloured bust (busts are $15, plus $35 for full colours, so this pieve would have been $50 in total)
  • also also if you message me through tumblr and don’t hear back within 2-3 days, please email me. i will always reply to commission requests, so if receive a response it’s because my inbox has swallowed it.

thanks so much, guys! 😀


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