I’ve been thinking about this now for days! The thing is, I’m not terribly good at remembering actors and I don’t generally fan cast. I can tell you who I’ve liked for Kurt. I thought Adian Hough (from the original X-Men animated series) was good. I mean, they only gave him one episode but sounded like ‘Crawler to me. Liam O’Brien (from Wolverine and The X-Men) worked well for me too.

For Jono? You know I’ve ‘heard’ his voice since Gen X #1 in my head but I’ll be damned if I’ve found an actor that struck me as Jono. Thanks to the 90′s cartoon I always imagine telepaths have a weird echo to their mental voices so it’s got a bit of that going on. It’s not a terribly deep voice but it might be a little ragged sounding. That probably has more with how Jono feels about himself than what he sounded like pre-accident.

Annnd now I’m made myself sad.

Oh! I can tell you one precasted voice that totally didn’t work for me. Northstar in the 90′s X-Men. Oh, lordy, no. It was, like, super high and just not what I imagined at all for him. No offense to the original voice actor. I also thought Sabretooth and Pyro’s were a bit…off.


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