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who’s the funnier drunk?: I think they’d both be amusing and friendly drunks. I bet Kurt can handle the drink better than Kitty can.

who texts more often? Kitty for sure. Kurt doesn’t like texting because it’s hard with just two fingers. Also, the touch screen doesn’t respond right to his fur.

who reads more? Kitty. Kitty is always reading.

who is better with kids? It’s a tie. They’ve both been teachers. Kitty ran the JGS. I feel like Kurt might be better with small children and Kitty’s better with teenagers but they can both handle themselves fine.

who would make a blanket fort? would the other help? Kurt’s a bit more whimsical so I think he’d initiate and then Kitty would quickly follow suit. Movie night in a blanket fort?! Yes, please.

who complains more? I don’t think either of them are much on bellyaching. I don’t think Kurt complains at all. He’s too good natured. Kitty might. But just a little.

who’s more protective? I’m going to call it equal. These two have known each other since Kitty was 13 ½. They’ve got each other’s backs.

how many emojis do they use and which ones? Since Kurt is allergic to cellphones, all emojis come from Kitty. She likes to send him the little kissy face.

who’s the funnier drunk?: Kitty. She’s sloppy, happy, and prone to dancing on tabletops. She also snorts when she laughs.

  • what’s “their song”? The Way Things Are- Fiona Apple
  • who tops/bottoms? Hm. I’m going to say it depends on the situation. I don’t see either of them being locked into routine.

    how many emojis do they use and which ones? I cannot, for the life of me, imagine Peter Wisdom using emojis. Unless he was trying to be obnoxious. He probably doesn’t even know how to use that bit on his cellphone. Kitty send him the poop emoji sometimes. You know, when he’s being a shit. Which is often.

    who draws sharpie dicks on the other when they get blackout drunk? I’m going to say neither would do that to each other. Kitty’s not that crass. Pete is. Seems like something he’d do to Braddock.

    weirdest hobbies?: With those two?? Is anything normal?  Joker likes to collect McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

    do they go on dates? what are they like? Oh, sure.A night at the Iceberg. A crime spree at the jewelry store. Most of their dates end in a homicide or two.

    big spoon/little spoon?: At 6′5″ Joker is very much the big spoon!

    lick-claiming. who does it? is the other deterred? Joker. And, no. It doesn’t work at all.