who’s the funnier drunk?: Kitty. She’s sloppy, happy, and prone to dancing on tabletops. She also snorts when she laughs.

  • what’s “their song”? The Way Things Are- Fiona Apple
  • who tops/bottoms? Hm. I’m going to say it depends on the situation. I don’t see either of them being locked into routine.

    how many emojis do they use and which ones? I cannot, for the life of me, imagine Peter Wisdom using emojis. Unless he was trying to be obnoxious. He probably doesn’t even know how to use that bit on his cellphone. Kitty send him the poop emoji sometimes. You know, when he’s being a shit. Which is often.

    who draws sharpie dicks on the other when they get blackout drunk? I’m going to say neither would do that to each other. Kitty’s not that crass. Pete is. Seems like something he’d do to Braddock.


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