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We’re incredibly excited to announce we’ll be opening our submission process this May. Check the full press release below for more info:

PORTLAND, OR March 19th, 2015 – Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, announced today they will begin accepting submissions and pitches in May. Under this policy all writers, artists, cartoonists, and colorists seeking to publish their work with Oni Press will be able to submit their portfolio to the Oni Press editorial team.

Oni Press will accept submissions electronically through email. Creators whose submissions are selected for follow up will be contacted within a designated length of time. Further specific details on the process and where to submit will be released this May.

“We are on the hunt for new stories from new creators, featuring characters that reflect the diversity of the world around us,” added Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones. “Oni Press has always valued content and execution, and we are looking for creators and projects that can support our goal to publish excellent, varied, and original work.”



I’m not crying, I just got somethin’ in my eye…

Waitaminute. Hold up. I was too busy having feels to realize that “KATYA” is Colossus’s Russian nickname for Kitty. Nightcrawler always called her “KATZCHEN” which is German for kitten. Was this scene originally supposed to have Piotr and Kitty having a nice moment, since he just recently returned to the X-Mansion, and Kitty and Kurt have had their reunion moment already, brianmichaelbendis