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The suggestions were lighter this last #FanRequestFriday, but I’ll chalk that up to people actually having something else to do other than checking out my posts due to the holiday.
BUT that’s not to say I didn’t see some great suggestions anyway.
This one interested me last time it was suggested and so when it was suggested again I jumped on it.
It struck me that I’ve never drawn a male #Gay couple before (that I’m aware of at least) which is kind of surprising considering my feelings and my family).
So here’s #Rictor and #Shatterstar from their #XForce days – which also means awful hairstyles and uniforms.
Have a good week and remember to check out my #CyberMonday sale and my #originalModel #sale
#gaycouples #gaysuperheroes #xmen #marvel #equality

@blithefool , something cheery to take your mind off bhna!

My boys! This is lovely. Also – @joasakura share in the joy.