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Just in time to debut at #FlameCon this weekend!


Mutants are all about inherent potential. Whether or not that potential is reached, or even realized is sort of up to the character. And the writer. Chamber is basically pure potential. A character literally bursting with energy. He’s also a glowing example of how much potential there is in strangeness. Otherness. A transgender man once told me he grew up loving Chamber because he too bound up his chest. What an incredibly resonant connection, right? It’s probably not a connection Chamber’s creators, Bachalo & Lobdell, were thinking about at all, but that’s the beauty of bizarre and creative characters. Their designs take risks and win them the love of fans who don’t see themselves in alpha males, warrior queens or other standard archetypes. Their potential may not be obvious to the average reader, but to the right fan, a strange C-list character means everything. 

By Rogan Josh

Prints at Society6

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