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Somehow, that never even occurred to me. Obviously Arize is already making Mojoverse-ers. Why not a Rictor and Shatty mix? He had Ric for God knows how long. Long enough for him to grow that groovy beard. And ‘Star is apparently the genetic foundation of all the Cadre. Thanks for that, PAD…

“Our prodigy is quite skilled. I did not know that move until I was ten.”

“This is fucked up. Beyond all measure.”

This was the entire basis I had for Forest being Rictor and Shatterstar’s fucked up Mojoverse baby.

I thought he was related to squirrel girl? Now I’m all confused.

Inanna is still the top contender for a RicStar love child. Nevermind that he’s not from the Marvel Universe and I’m fairly certain that team WicDiv isn’t going to give him up any time soon. I’m just hoping his head doesn’t explode…


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