Chamber vs. Wolverine.

[from Weapon X (2005) #1]

I cant see that guy as Chamber. He looks nothing like him…big problem I had with the art in this series…

Yeeeah. Doesn’t read as Jono at all. Of course, you don’t usually see Mr. Starsmore with a face but, still.  He just looks like some generic guy. Also- he’s wearing blue jeans. If it’s not swathed from head to toe in black leather, it isn’t Jono.  I guess at least they remembered the jacket?

I think he wore blue jeans in Gen x once, the Christmas special/issue. It was odd, but he looked…ok.

I guess I don’t mind blue jeans if they’re pegged a la the last issue of Nightcrawler. But they generally don’t read very Jono to me.

Another issue I have with this not-Jono-Jono is the lame hair and the itty bitty nose. At least they remembered his brown eyes.

And since this little walk down memory lane got me thinking about our dear Mr. Starsmore with a face, I had to draw it.


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