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“The text reads “Score! Superman does it again!,” because as we all know, mackin’ on Amazon warriors is one of America’s national past times and we are required to assign the practice a points system just like we do in baseball. Also, Wonder Woman’s a lasso-less “it” now, we guess. Yeah, that’s why her arm’s all weird at the bottom of the shirt; she’s supposed to be lassoing Superman in the picture. But why present a powerful female superhero using one of her trademark symbols as a marker of sexual agency when you can instead present her as a stiff, rigid board to be scored upon?”

(via But Why, Though? DC’s New Licensed T-Shirts Suggest Some Terrible Things About Women | The Mary Sue)

I just find it hard to credit that no one in the Licensing Department didn’t see just how… tacky (I have another word, but I don’t like to use it on an open forum) these are…