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so about a year ago, kevinwada and i were in the talks to do a collab together. i don’t think we will ever actually end up doing it, because one thing lead to another and here we are with much bigger plans, i thought id post my designs anyway.

we wanted to do like a night-out fashion x-men piece. here are my designs for betsy, emma, hisako, kurt, and namor.

On to bigger and better things, mon ami.

Kurt’s so dapper!


my Marvel Now series – updated –

about a year of drawing

Cyclops – Scarlet Witch – Invisible Woman – Spider-man

She-Hulk – Iron Man – Deadpool – Red She-Hulk

Thor – Rogue – Cable – Captain America

Lady Sif – Hulk – Hawkeye – Broo

Noh Varr – Iron Man Stealth – Elektra – Nova

Gamora – Iron Man Godkiller – Starlord – Drax the Destroyer

Angela – Beta Ray Bill – Valkyrie – Magneto

Beast – Wasp – Dazzler – Magik

Banshee – Daken – Grim Reaper – Sentry

Monet – Medusa – Loki – America Chavez

looking back at all of these, I think my favourites are invisible woman, sif, beta, dazzler and medusa

EDIT: just added the new batch!

Ghost Rider – Ms. Marvel – Cyclops – Spider-Woman

Moon Knight – Tigra – the Vision – Falcon

Psylocke – Corsair – X-23 – Quicksilver

Venom – Punisher – the Thing – Black Cat


Thor – Captain America – Superior Iron Man – Captain Marvel

Jim Hammond – Darla Deering – Evan Sabahnur – Spectrum

Silk – Sabretooth – Oya – Namor