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First look at Kotobukiya’s ‘IKEMEN’ Nightwing statue at SDCC 2017.

Oh, I say….

Looks like they have plans for all the Bat-boys.

Indeed, Jason is the next one coming, 

Photo from gallery

Though I find myself concerned that Damian would be seen as appropriate for this. If he’s not overtly sexualised, then fair enough, but they have a lot less leeway with him than the others IMHO.

I’m still trying to figure out if Jason’s white streak is still canon or not.

Jason has a rather unusual metagene power; his hair is sensitive to drama in the narrative. If it would be more visually striking to have the streak, it will appear for as long as required, then it will fade away… or vice versa, no-one’s sure any more.

(Personally I’d always have left it in. it’s a nice quick visual distinction between him and Bruce or Dick, the grown up members of the Batclan, otherwise they do run the risk of being very same-y looking (Jason is close to Dick in general looks, and close to Bruce in build)

I was wondering when this statue was going to be released. Exciting times! I hope they make some X-Folks in the same vein. I need some to go with my Kotobukiya


Sorta surprised they’re making Damian. I thought the sexy poses would be reserved for the adult characters…

My Jubilee came in this morning!

Looks like Big Bad Toy Store has a new Deadpool preorder. He’s a 1/10 scale.

Kotobukiya doing nice work, as always.


Batwoman Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya

Holy crap. PREORDER!

Found a link with more photos :