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8"X12" size- Watercolor
100$+ worldwide shipping included!
11"X17" size- Inks
150$+ worldwide shipping included!

Those are some unclaimed commissions that are sittig around for months and I never heard from the people who ordered them,a rejected piece and some drawings I did for fun.
Unfortunately they are taking space and collect dust :^)

I work with Paypal ! If interested, contact me at:

Thanks !


So. as a few of you out there figured out, kevinwada and myself were working on a Marvel Swimsuit book.

I write to you today with the somber news that after a few months back and forth with the powers-that-be, circumstances have arisen that have forced us to stop production on this project. 

Kevin and I are currently looking into some way to salvage some of the pieces to do something with, but in the mean time, we thought we’d treat you all to the pieces we had finished so far.

While we are both disappointed that we can no longer work on this, there was no malice behind this decision. It is what it is. Although on the plus side, this now free’s Kevin and I up to some new things potentially this year, so who knows.



Blaze & Ketch Blues.