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“I know what you’re thinking.” Feral said, ostentatiously grooming herself from the top of the television set.

“No, I’m relatively certain you do not.” ‘Star replied, trying to focus on the infomercial people failing to do simple tasks like carry a bowl of cheese puffs across the room. He had been bred for the arenas of Mojoworld, and to fail in the most menial of tasks like that..

“I’m leavin’ tomorrow, ya know.” Feral uncoiled her tail in front of the screen and ‘Star twitched, unable to fully appreciate the elderly woman now trapped in her barcalounger on the screen. “This fine piece of pussy is heading out into the world. You had your chance, red, and now..” She paused to loudy lick an unruly section of her tail.

“And now I cannot see my shows because you are grooming yourself directly in front of the television.” ‘Star  grumbled, then, with the reflexes of a warrior born, grabbed the nearest pillow to place between himself and Feral as she sprang up onto the couch. “Feral.”

“We can never be together, shattybuns.” She breathed and he winced, just a little. “A kiss, then, before I hit the road?”

Shatterstar clutched the pillow tighter. Rictor had taught him a phrase for just such occasions. “Talk to the hand, Feral.” He tried, woodenly holding up one hand while he continued to clutch the pillow fiercely with the other.

She licked his palm with the same long rasping tongue she’d just groomed herself with and then bounded away dramatically. With a queasy, strangled little sound, ‘Star looked around to ensure no one had possibly heard that, then wiped his hand on the couch.

By the time he looked back at the television, the Infomercials were over and it was just the boring news again. “Fekt.”

OMG. I love this so much.

I’m sorry. I just found a bunch of scans of X-Force 20 (thanks, Google) and I’m dying.

‘Star, the fuck are you doing in that last panel? Also, why does Ric look like he’s 40?

I actually love Capullo (and goodness knows he’s 1000% better than Rob Liefeld) but, god damn you 1993.

They’re pulled from here:

Shatty spam! I draw ‘Star a lot. Though not as much as Nightcrawler…