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Just a quick thing I put together. This blew my fucking MIND when my anatomy teacher pointed it out. My drawings instantly got better. You might know it (good for you, I wish I knew it before too T_T) or you might not and it might help you get better.

I did NOT know this! :OOOOO Thank you!





Fantastic hands references by the website Hong14cafe.

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Awesome studies!



At long last, the hip tutorial appears!

Poor neglected hips, such an awesome part of the body but so difficult to do *right*. It really just takes a few plotted landmarks and they’ll draw themselves, promise. 

More tutorials and stuff at



I always struggled drawing hands before anyone told me what to do. So here is a HANDy dandy drawing reference to see the steps on an actual hand. There are three big muscles in the palm. The thumb lump is most important because without it you’ll never even get the shape right. Circle up the knuckles and draw bendy lines (red) to connect them. Make sure the fingers go from medium-tall-short-shortest just slightly (index=>pinky finger). Notice the big red squareish shape around the palm-that’s the first thing I do. Note: every infer has 2 knuckles don’t forget the thumb does too…just in a weird way.



..not what I meant to do this evening but look I made a tutorial!

this kinda got out of hand but I was having fun shh

remember to experiment around, there are many different ways to do things! B) it’s up to you finding the one you like!

also gomen for crappy handwriting and some rushed drawings


Any tutorials (or just advice in general) on drawing short/tall people? I see a lot of stuff on how to draw average-sized people, but when I go to draw someone who ISN’T average-sized, I find myself at a loss… Help?

Play with proportions.

The average adult human is said to be about 7 heads tall. This doesn’t mean all people, or even that most people are actually 7 heads tall though. Plenty of people are above and below that measurement.

To draw someone shorter, you can sever a head or two. Or add them on to make them taller. Most of that height tends to be in the legs, but there is some variation in torso height. It’s also important to note that head sizes vary as well.

I googled up some photos of people of differing heights and made a quick head count overlay: