– – –

The ‘i’m still broke’ edition:

  • Simple Heads: 3 for $15
  • Head Shots: $25
  • Bust Up: $30
  • Coloured Full Body: $40
    (no background)
  • Simple Illustration: $50
    Which includes simple background//composition ect.
  • Full Illustration: $60
    Which includes complicated background//composition ect.
  • Additional Character: $12 each. (does not include the simple head offer)

Won’t Do:

  • – Gore
  • – Anthro (I’m not not very good at it? Tails/ears/Mutants are a-ok though)
  • – Porn
  • – Pieces i’m unable to show unless you’re willing to pay for the complete rights to own it.

– – –

  • – Prices are non negotiable.
  • – Paypal only and I take money upfront.
  • – Delivery of a high-res image between 2-8 weeks. (The more complicated, the longer it’ll take ect)
  • – I post wips on my blog unless it’s gift art or chibis. I try and keep updated with wips for feedback.
  • – Send me a note on here or email me at:

More examples can be found on my website or my illustration blog. (Which i update more often)



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