Hello! My fellow black writers, artists, cosplayers, blerds and and superhero aficionados

I recently published a bestselling book on Amazon and I was hoping for a simple reblog to garner more support for it. 

It’s on sale on Amazon Kindle for 1.99.

Summary: After the death of his mother, Devin Maxwell joins Titan Force, an organization that collects supernatural artifacts using super powered agents. Devin quickly rises to become a brash, yet successful agent under the field name: Streetslam. He forms a pseudo family with his friends and fellow agents at Titan Force.

Devin’s allegiances are put to the test after an enigmatic billionaire offers him the chance to revive his mother, but only if he turns on his new family and steals a mysterious item from the Titan Force vault.

-A black main lead…with superpowers.
-Anime style battles.
-Characters dealing with depression, poverty, abuse, and recovery.
-A diverse and robust cast, featuring strong black women, strong hispanic women, and a trio of super powered sisters.
-Anime tropes such as BIG ASS swords, long evolving story arcs, a military organization that has no problem hiring teenagers, and even a character with animal ears.  

Thanks for all the support!

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Tell ‘em your name though, Leon Langford. The masses need to know who they’re supporting! Plus, it’s always great to put yourself out there when you’re promoting your wares, because you’re also promoting yourself. 

Much luck to you. 


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