blithefool : “Eeee! Okay, I feel like this is gonna get dark but how about ‘When was the last time you murdered someone?”

Ric felt personally responsible for each failed jump, each dimensional shift that wasn’t home. He was picturing home, goddamnit, picturing their shitty room in that shitty funeral home with the dirty socks and the food he knew ‘Star hoarded in the dresser. He could smell it, could feel it, and whatever demon-shit-magic that had punted him and ‘Star to mojoworld, had barred the gates home.

He felt responsible because if he could just anchor them right, ‘Star wouldn’t be throwing up after every jump. Wouldn’t be  wiping what looked suspiciously like blood out of his scruffy, half-kept beard as he squared his shoulders and tried to give Ric what he thought was a reassuring smile (he’d never mastered that, despite all the changes he’d gone through, ‘Star was still the worst liar he’d ever met, and he was grateful for that)

This place was better than some, worse than others, and they’d spent the last several hours dodging some jackbooted, totalitarian thugs.  In the shadows of the alley, Ric pushed ‘Star behind the dumpster. “I’ll take care of them.” He whispered, hands shaking with more than the subtle tremors of his powers. “You just rest, ok, babe?”

“Julio.” ‘Star stroked his fingers through Rictor’s hair and drew their faces close. “When was the last time you murdered someone?”

“…’Star..” Rictor tried to pull away, but ‘Star held him fast.

“If you try to delay them with your powers it’ll just draw more of them here.” ‘Star whispered with a little smile.

“You know I can turn a human into custard with those powers, right?” Ric scoffed, his snort cut short as ‘Star lightly headbutted him.

“You haven’t been a killer yet. I’m not going to let you become one now.” He pressed a kiss to Ric’s forehead, stubble rasping painfully across sweaty skin. “Let me do what I was trained for. Let me protect you.”

“You don’t have to! I’m perfectly capable of…” Ric paused. (Of killing. Like you are. Of course I am. I have to be)

‘Star pushed past him, blades rasping from his sleeves. “Just watch my back, mi amor.” He smiled with a little shake of his head. “I’ll be done before you know it.”


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